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  • The plugin is nice and gives good advices but it is probably not sufficient at all to install that plugin as parts in WordPress Core need to get changed, the same like in Woocommerce and other plugins which send and collect data, especially a lot of plugins which are collecting data from the users without their knowledge by using advertisings in the backend – all those WordPress RipOff Sellers like WPMUDEV Plugins which automatically call the dashboard which sends data to WPMUDEV only to mention one very often used example of so called membership, seo (hummingbirds), snapshots (backups), defenders (security), dashboards (like many have those kind of stuff) all those send data which for example can’t be deactivated on a per site base in a multisite installation where probably thousands of site owners get hosted and some don’t want that their data will be send to US servers or to be used for other marketing statistics etc.

    I think about for example 50% of all wpmudev plugins are not GDPR compliant as they collect without asking each single user of the website. – I forgot wpsmuch and others which connect to their cloudservers which are probably located in the US – so even a EU US Privacy Guard Certification would be needed, what they don’t have. IN general I think in future start 25 May it would be a great advice to avoid US Hosters and services (which is nearly impossible) and to host and process most of the code and sites directly in EU if you are running a site which shows up also in EU (most of those sites do!)

    wpmudev is only one example and there are many more as when you install a plugin it is pretty hard to find plugins which have no pro version and which don’t collect usage data – all those would fall under the GDPR regulations!

    Unfortunately, the plugin does not provide functionality to i.e. deactivate all those external connections, advertisings, pings, links to external servers of the plugin providers.

    If this GDPR problem does not get solved with really good working plugins which do their job any website provider who runs a website which is visible in EU risks to get fined by lawyers who are only waiting for 25 May to make big business! The best is actually to run everything only on your own servers, which don’t connect to any uncertified external resources or services or advertisers etc.

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  • Thanks for the comment. As stated in the plugin description; We only try to assist you with the GDPR compliance, since it’s technically impossible to fulfil all requirements.. but we try our best. Also, please see our roadmap for future plans:

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