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  • Hi,
    After spending more than 6 hours trying to make this work I can’t possibly do it. I checked, rechecked and then re-re-checked everything as you described and also from support forum topics. It’s sending the mail, or not (as i’m setting it) but it’s no subscribing. Tried with different lists, with custom fields and without. I also disabled all the plugins besides the 3: contact form 7, the hidden module and your plugin.
    This is my simple code:

    [tssendy listID="5912"]
    [hidden ts_sendy_hidden "true"]
    <label> Numele tau (obligatoriu):
        [text* ts_name] </label>
    <label> Emailul tau (obligatoriu):
        [email* ts_email] </label>
    <p>[submit "Signup!"]</p>

    Tried ts_Name and ts_Email, nothing. double-checked api, double checked list id. double-double checked those. tried to put hidden down, middle, up etc.

    Anybody has this module, last contact form 7 update and wordpress 4.7 working?

    Thank you

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  • Plugin Author rktaiwala


    Can you provide the link to your site where I can check the form?

    Could it be that the plugin doesn’t work with WordPress 4.7?

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    I have the same problem:

    [tssendy listID "162"]
    [hidden ts_sendy_hidden “true”]
    <label> Your Name (required)
        [text* your-name] </label>
    <label> Your Email (required)
        [email* your-email] </label>
    [submit "Send"]

    It sends me an email via the Contact Form 7 settings, but the subscription never appears at the sendy end.
    I’ve added the Sendy API Key and installation URL to the default settings, and it should skip sending the mail, but doesn’t – which makes me think something with the plugin isn’t working will with WP 4.7.1’s plugin registration or shortcode?

    Actually, similarly to another post : I found that the quotation marks around the hidden field attribute were wrong. It’s still not working though. My apache2 logs show :
    [Tue Jan 24 17:28:08.461334 2017] [:error] [pid 16336] [client] PHP Notice: Undefined index: i in /var/www/sendy/subscribe.php on line 129

    Plugin Author rktaiwala


    Your form is wrong it should be
    [tssendy listID “162”]
    [hidden ts_sendy_hidden true]

    <label> Your Name (required)
    [text* ts_name] </label>

    <label> Your Email (required)
    [email* ts_email] </label>

    [submit “Send”]

    This is mine. Doesn’t work too. Can you confirm if plugin will work with WordPress 4.7.X?

    [hidden ts_sendy_hidden "true"]
    [tssendy listID "3106"]
    [text* ts_name  placeholder "Name *"]
    [email* ts_email placeholder "Email *"]
    [submit "Submit"]

    Same problem here ….. any fix for this ???

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