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    I have recently installed this plugin in hopes of purchasing the pro version because I want to set a cart minimum based on the miles from our store. I know the Pro version is not out yet, but I have installed, activated and attempted to set this plugin up so that it is online and working when Pro is available.

    I am having a serious issue with getting the setup to remember any of the values that I input. Every time I input my keys and save the changes, I get the following error:

    Browser API Key field is required
    Server API Key field is required

    I have done this countless times, but it never remembers the keys that I enter. Any suggestions?

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  • FYI: Google’s explanation of this error is as follows:

    The API key included in the script element that loads the API is not found. Please make sure you are using a correct API key. You can generate a new API key on the Google Cloud Platform Console.


    Plugin Author Sofyan Sitorus


    Well I think you do not need to remember it. Just generate 2 different API Keys in Google API console, and then copy and paste the key into the available settings fields.

    This plugin need 2 different API Keys because it will be used in 2 different purpose. The Browser API is used when you setting the Admin Area to get your store location info. And the Server API is used to calculate the distance for customer address and your store location during the checkout process.

    As Google does not allow you to specify both an HTTP referrer restriction (for the admin map usage) and an IP address restriction (for the server-side distance matrix calculation) for a single API Key, so need to split it in 2 different API keys. The version 1.4 and earlier is just using 1 API Key, which mean that the API Key cannot be restricted at any type. And many users complaining about security as the API Key cannot be restricted.

    I hope this the answer of your question.

    I don’t understand why you would say “you do not to remember it”. I am not talking about me remembering the key, I am talking about WooReer not remember the keys that I input. I am well aware how to create the key. I have already done that. What I need WooReer to do is implement the keys that I am entering, but it is not remembering them after I hit save. Please see the short video.

    Plugin Author Sofyan Sitorus


    Whoops my bad, I was miss-understanding and thought your going to remember the and type the keys manually. LOL.

    After seeing your screencast, you are missed to hit the small button with check icon right on the right side of the input field. Please make sure you hit both of those buttons.

    What API’s from the library must be enabled in this project for the keys to function. I am now getting this error:

    The Maps JavaScript API is not activated on your API project. You may need to enable the Maps JavaScript API under APIs in the Google Cloud Platform Console.

    I have gone into the library and enabled it, and I know it may take a few minutes to populate that change, but just wondering how many APIs need to be installed.

    Plugin Author Sofyan Sitorus


    Yeah it took some times to apply the changes made in the API console. You need to generate 2 API Keys as I mentioned in my previous reply.

    I already have a server and http key. How many different APIs need to be added from the library? Can you please list them?

    From the docs, I see that the Google Maps Distance Matrix API Key. Any others?

    Plugin Author Sofyan Sitorus


    Please follow how it shown in the screencast below. repeat the same way to generate the second API Key.

    I am sorry, but you are answering questions that I did not ask. I have already set up keys, as you obviously saw in the previous video. Creating a key does not automatically install the library functions that you want (at least it did not for me). I had to manually go into the library and activate the Distance Matrix API.

    My question, is: Are there any others that need to be activated?

    Plugin Author Sofyan Sitorus


    Actually if you follow the steps I showed in the screencast you are good to go. But to answer your questions, you need to actvate services below:

    – Distance Matrix API
    – Geocoding API
    – Maps JavaScript API
    – Places API for Web

    Thank you.

    Plugin Author Sofyan Sitorus


    Your welcome. My pleasure can helping the community.

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