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    Used this for my site and very quickly ended up permanently locked out – dozens and dozens of emails generated in a automated cycle of lockouts (I had not enabled 404 logs). In the end I had to drop the tables in the database, manually rip the content from .htaccess and delete the plugin using FTP access. Not good – you need much better levels of documentation and installation guidance before I would consider using this again. Clearly works but unless you are experienced enought to understand the features and how they will affect your site – I would advise to stay well clear.

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  • It says, next to each feature possible side affects. Such as “this might cause you to get locked out”, “This might break other applications”. And if you do get locked out all you have to do is ssh into your server and delete the plugin from wp-content/plugins. It is also a good idea to test one feature at a time if you don’t know what you are doing.

    Its a security plugin. As you point out yourself – not knowing how to operate it doesn’t make it a bad plugin.

    Good point by lerud – READ what the setting you’re turning on will do.

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA sorry but this is toooo funny…sorry for laughing at your troubles. Not a reason to give a 1 star…

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