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  • WP Edit replaces Ultimate Tiny MCE, as the old version was stated to be non-compatible with the latest version of WP (3.9). While this new version does work, it’s definitely a huge step down. No longer can you choose fonts or edit images once they’re inserted into the post – functions I relied heavily on in the past. Most of the other options you could choose to enhance the editor now appear to be gone.

    Of course, you can purchase the pro version but $149 for a multi-site license is a bit steep for me, considering I have it set up but I don’t use it and have no plans to in the near future.

    Most of the 5-star reviews I read here sound like they were posted by friends of the developer or users that only need a very basic editor.

    Until I can find something better I’ll go back to the WP default editor.

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  • Plugin Author Josh


    Thanks for the review.

    I would urge you to read this post I created:

    Everyone thinks I removed buttons intentionally. What no-one understands is those buttons everyone became so heavily dependent on.. where developed by 3rd party, open source programmers… which is why I was able to modify them and get them into Ultimate Tinymce.

    The buttons everyone is complaining about ARE NOT available in the default installation of WordPress NOR are they available in the default version of Tinymce.


    Now, yes.. I’ve spent the last four months completely re-coding the most popular from the beginning. FOUR MONTHS.

    I worked VERY hard to bring back the most popular buttons… and I’m sorry they are only available in Pro. But, I don’t come into your work… asking you to work four months for free.. and turn in over to me. I have to children to feed.

    And… I brought them back!! I could have said the hell with it.. and not made them compatible at all. Then no one would have them. At least I worked my fingers to the bone to get them updated to be compatible.

    I don’t expect everyone to understand the magnitude that goes into something like this (preparing for something for six months). But, I do expect normal working business people to understand you can’t work on something for six months… for free.

    WP Edit will continue to grow as time progresses. Ultimate Tinymce was going into it’s third year.

    I simply can’t take three years of development… snap my fingers.. and instantaneously make it work in different frameworks.

    Thank you for taking the time to review!

    OK – point well taken. I’ve worked for free myself and I admit that after awhile it’s not much fun.

    So I, of all people, shouldn’t be throwing stones.

    Plugin Author Josh


    Lol – well.. THANK YOU. Man.. thank you 🙂

    I made one more post… it has much more ‘objective’ information (well, for the most part) regarding the changes and the update:

    Again.. thanks for keeping an open mind 🙂

    Josh – I really appreciate your hard work but in return you get free advertizing for your Pro-version in the WP-plugin forum – without this it would cost you a fortune or you could sell the plugin at codecanyon. The original intention of the WordPress Plugin forum was to provide free stuff but today it’s filled with “light” and/or demo versions…
    The “old” version definitely had more options, e.g. the “first row restriction” of WP-Edit is annoying…. So despite your supercode other TinyMCE addons are ahead of WP-Edit free version….

    Plugin Author Josh


    Point taken. And yes, I agree with what you say. However, I’m also providing a free service. If no one cared about it, or didn’t use it, or it didn’t server some functionality… we would not be having this conversation.

    So, in whatever capacity, it is a usable plugin.. and provides many more options than the default WP Editor.

    However, I know I’m not perfect. And if someone is providing better features for a cheaper price.. I strongly urge you to go with your heart.

    Thank you for taking the time to post 🙂



    The solution Josh is simple. Give the people back a plugin that was an absolute ripper (Ultimate TinyMCE). Your business revenue is going to take an enormous hit with the crap you have just served up in WP edit….especially once another developer realises the crucial mistake you have made and writes a new version Ultimate TinyMCE for WordPress 3.9!

    The mere fact that third party developers helped write some of those buttons should demonstrate the profitability in maintaining their input in the new version. I am certain that people would gladly pay for Ultimate TinyMCE as a premium plugin…it was that good (i know i for one would definitely pay a reasonable sum for it…although over $100 seems ludicrous considering the functionality one gets in $40-50 themes).

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