• it’s free to register for an account but you have to pay to get the tags, why don’t you say that upfront instead of wasting my time installing the plugin and registering, seriously!!! i have better things to do

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  • Plugin Author fossura


    Dear smbotans

    You are quite correct, we could have made this clearer in our text. We’ll update the wording. Sorry šŸ™

    After feedback from our users, we’ve now upgraded all Starter accounts to include a 3 months free evaluation period. So if you’d still like to check out the plugin for free for a while, this is now possible.

    We’d love to hear your feedback after using it.

    Kind regards
    Textcavate Support

    You have mentioned signing up for a “free” account in the FAQs but it should be made much clearer in the description. Technically, it’s an opt-out trial period.

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