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  • Hi os2mac,

    Setting the document height to 100% in CSS probably does not do what you think it does. 100% height makes the document the full height of the parent container, not of the document itself. Since the parent container has no fixed height (which is normal – you want the page to expand to fit its contents) the browser has nothing to reference. In effect the browser says “100% of what?” and gives you the minimum.

    I recommend you set the height to a fixed pixel value, or else you can wrap the viewer in a div of a fixed height (which seems a bit redundant).



    Same question here. I’m working on a responsive site so setting a pixel value for height doesn’t work. I’ve tried desperately to find out where the surrounding frame value is determined and how to change it but am coming up empty (using Firebug). Here’s a link to my site. Any help is appreciated.

    This isn’t a limitation of the plugin but the way the CSS works. You can use the class applied to the whole iframe in your CSS to make it responsive, though in that case the inline style might conflict. You could try adding !important to your own CSS styles to see if that would overrule (not sure if it does). Maybe I should have the option of not including an inline size in this event…?

    The parent frame isn’t likely to have a height set – it’s usually just loaded in the body of the page – so it just scrolls forever until the page ends. That’s why 100% height doesn’t work, and presumably why you can’t find it in firebug.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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