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  • nola.geek


    Is this plugin supported still?

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    Yes I try to look at the forums when I get a chance. Could you please tell me exactly how I can reproduce this problem on my site?



    If I have it set up so only logged-in users can submit posts, and they submit a post – i was expecting their wordpress username to be used as the ‘Reporter’ field.

    If not, as it is now, I can log in as one user and report a post using another user’s username.

    Can you make it so that if we require the user to be logged in and do not have a name field selected, that it automatically uses that user as the ‘Reporter’.

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    I understand the issue but I don’t think it is a bug. The report form is mainly for non-registered users and I don’t think it should be too hard for the logged-in reporter to fill in their name when they are reporting something.

    But then you have no idea who really submitted the form. In our case we’re using it to ‘claim this post’ – We’d need to make sure that the person who reported it is actually the person that has logged in. That would be letting me post a reply here while logged in as nolageek and letting me say I’m WP Gurus. It associates the report with the account.

    Otherwise, what’s the point of having the option to only allow logged-in users to submit if they get to make up who they are anyway?

    I would also like this, saving the logged in users id in the database, i did this myself but would be better to have this by default.

    nola.geek if you’re ok with modifying the plugin files I can help you.

    Here is how it will look in the admin:

    The one with the icon is logged in.

    Yes, that would be perfect! 🙂

    See here:

    Also if you have the plugin installed, another way to add the user_id column is this.
    In report-content.php add (at the end for example)

    if(is_admin() && isset($_GET['rc_add_table_column']) && $_GET['rc_add_table_column']=='true'){
    	global $wpdb;
    	$q = $wpdb->query( "ALTER TABLE " . $wpdb->prefix . "contentreports ADD user_id mediumint(9) NOT NULL" );
    	return $q;

    then save and while the plugin is active go to the dashboard and add ?rc_add_table_column=true in the address bar after the url and hit enter, this should add the column in the db. After this you can remove this code.

    excellent. I may change it so that if they’re logged in it doesn’t even ask for a name.

    OK. I updated the post to hide the name and email fields too.
    Didn’t think about this way yesterday.

    Excellent! Hopefully this gets added to the next update.

    Can we please get this added to the plugin? We updated and I lost George’s modification and now this plugin isn’t working again. If the user is logged in, why would we want them making up who they are? 🙂 For example, people are putting their real name, or something other name in the contact form, NOT the username they use on the blog – we have no way of knowing which user submitted the request if their information doesn’t match exactly.

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    • This reply was modified 3 years, 2 months ago by nola.geek.
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    If you had modified your plugin files directly then you shouldn’t have installed the update.

    I released this update just to fix some bugs and change the tested-up-to version to 4.7. It isn’t a feature update.

    I didn’t, my client did. :/

    Could you add this? It doesn’t do any good to require someone to log in if they can just fake their identity.

    @nolageek-1 in case you still need this

    I haven’t used the plugin nor WP in long time so not sure if it will still work.

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