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    My channel has a new video uploaded 5 days ago, but the widget is not showing it. I cleared the cache (WP Super Cache), cleared the YTC cache in the admin area and appended the clearing to the URL with ?ytc_force_recache=1 but they all do not work to show the latest video. Here are the details of my setup:

    1) Version of WordPress: 4.7

    2) Version of YTC: Version 3.0.10

    3) Are you using some caching plugin, CDN or CloudFlare: using both Cloudflare and WP Super Cache

    4) How you implemented/inserted YTC to website: widget on post sidebar

    5) Json file (some info redacted):
    {“date”:”Sun, 08 Jan 2017 00:22:25 +0000″,”server”:”Apache”,”php”:”5.6.20″,”wp”:”4.7″,”ytc”:”3.0.10″,”url”:”https:\/\/”,”for”:”global”,”vanity”:””,”channel”:”REDACTED”,”username”:””,”playlist”:””,”resource”:0,”cache”:900,”fetch”:25,”num”:1,”privacy”:0,”ratio”:3,”width”:306,”responsive”:1,”display”:”thumbnail”,”themelight”:0,”fullscreen”:0,”controls”:0,”autoplay”:0,”autoplay_mute”:0,”norel”:0,”playsinline”:0,”showtitle”:”none”,”showdesc”:0,”desclen”:0,”modestbranding”:0,”hideanno”:0,”hideinfo”:0,”goto_txt”:”Visit our channel”,”popup_goto”:0,”link_to”:”none”,”tinymce”:1}

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  • Hello,

    As you removed link to website and channel ID, I can’t help. Please follow item How to use Google APIs Explorer to verify YouTube feeds? from FAQ and verify do you get last published video in feed.

    If you do not see latest video in Google API Explorer, then there is something ‘funny’ with that video (it’s private, maybe uploaded long time ago but published recently, disabled embedding, etc).

    Kind regards,

    I’m seeing the same problem and all my videos are public. How can we debug it? My YT channel is and the plugin can be found on the home page of my Web site (with the outdated video):

    I have cleared my YTC cache within the plugin settings too, btw.



    Hi Taylor,

    I see latest video you uploaded to your TY channel 1 day ago. Please check screenshot

    There is no newest video on channel at the moment.


    Correct. The problem is possibly a YouTube one: sometimes I will upload and schedule a bunch of videos at once. In that case, YouTube considers the most recently uploaded as the most recent video, even if other videos are released AFTER that one goes public. Does that make sense? Then your plugin tracks the same thing. Workaround: schedule them in the order I upload them. Not a great solution, but certainly workable 🙂

    Hello @d1taylor,

    Sorry for almost 3 months late feedback.

    As you mentioned, because YouTube have funny approach for publishing date (instead to be date when video is published/scheduled, it’s set to date when video is uploaded and API return videos in such order), your workaround is only working solution at the moment.


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