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    I am using BWP rechatcha and on various websites I am having same problem I cannot See the recaptcha on chrome but on all other browsers i can.

    Here is teh code from FF When I inspect element

    <form class="wpcf7-form" novalidate="novalidate" method="post" action="/contact/#wpcf7-f5-p318-o1">
    <div style="display: none;">
    <div id="recaptcha_widget_div" class=" recaptcha_nothad_incorrect_sol recaptcha_isnot_showing_audio" style="">
    <div id="recaptcha_area">
    <table id="recaptcha_table" class="recaptchatable recaptcha_theme_red">

    Unfortunately i can not copy this out of Chrome. But the recaptcha div tag is not there.

    The website I am currently trying to use it on is http://bluprintwebsolutions.co.za/contact/

    I am using Chrome version
    Version 28.0.1500.71 m

    I have cleared the cache with WP Super Cache and I have used Chromes Clear chache addin. The other website I have been trying to use it is


    On this one it works 100%

    Pls any assistance would be appreciated


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  • I have figured it out! It i9s because I amlogged in as admin that it does not show up ans it is hidden for registered users!

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