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  • Hi,

    the plugin is not showing all sites, where the theme is activated. It is showing some sites, where it is active, but not the rest (most of them).

    It is actually happening with a Divi child theme, but I don’t know, if it is the same with other themes.

    There is no error message with debug mode on.

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  • We are also experiencing this issue in WP 4.6.1 – not all sites are listed in both themes and plugins.

    This is such an awesome plugin and I rely on it every week to help me make sure everything goes smoothly when I do plugin/theme updates each week on an installation running ~650 sites (on network: 181 total plugins installed, 104 themes). Before the latest update, enabling the plugin would slow the display of plugins/themes on the network dashboard to a crawl but it still worked great otherwise. After the latest update, not all sites are showing.

    I know it isn’t working because I’m cross-checking with a plugin called ‘Multisite Auditor’ but that plugin is not as handy, as you have to click into each one individually to see what site plugins/themes are enabled on.

    I’m not sure how to help troubleshoot, maybe because we have so many sites there is an issue?

    Hope there is a fix soon! Thanks so much!!

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    Very odd! I’m going to start debugging this but @surbma what version of WP are you seeing this with? Also 4.6.1?

    Yes, I’m using 4.6.1. Some multisite specific query was changed in 4.6, so you should take a look at those changes:

    Multisite Focused Changes in 4.6

    Thank you for your support!



    Hi All,

    I was able to debug this by inverting the if condition priority on line 303 of network-plugin-auditor.php. See code here:


    Plugin Author Katherine Semel-Munson


    Version 1.10.1 resolves this, thanks @wlpdrpat!

    I’m sorry to say, but it is still not showing all informations correctly. On the theme list page, there are themes, where sites are not showing, but the theme is used for sure.

    Can you please investigate further to make it work perfectly?

    Thank you very much!


    it is still not not working perfectly. Did you check the code again? In my Multisite, there is a theme, which shows no website, but this theme is activated on a subsite.

    Please do something, as this plugin is a must have, but only if it works. A month ago, I have deleted the theme, because it didn’t show any active subsites and my client wrote me, that her website is broken.

    So I can’t use it, if I couldn’t trust in this plugin.

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