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    My WordPress.org is not showing all the plugins I marked as favorites. It only shows the list up to the letter D. Here is the screenshot.

    I really need them. Is there a way to have the full list?


    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • Just a question, how many plugins have you marked as a favorite? I favorite them to easily translate them… maybe a full list via the translation platform here but that would be not the best solution.

    Maybe you have so many and WP.org has a limit…?

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    The display on https://profiles.wordpress.org/anjanphukan/#content-favorites has been limited to 250 items for quite some time due to performance reasons.

    You should be able to view all of your favourites directly on the plugin directory: https://wordpress.org/plugins/browse/favorites/

    Looking at your favourites, there’s 58 pages, so that should be all of them.

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    Hi @dd32

    Thank you so much. That was very helpful. I can see them now.

    At the moment it shows 20 plugins per page. I believe it’s not possible to change the number to a higher value, so that the pagination is less. I was able to do a search in the browser (CTRL+F) for any specific plugin in the profile’s favorite list when it showed all the plugins before. Unfortunately that’s not possible now.


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    I was able to do a search in the browser (CTRL+F) for any specific plugin in the profile’s favorite list when it showed all the plugins before. 

    We won’t be able to restore that functionality, as having that many favourites causes way too many performance problems for WordPress.org – To the point that most profiles cannot be loaded with > 250 favourites.

    I would suggest that instead of relying upon favourites, you should use the plugin search instead.
    The 1300+ plugins you’ve got in your favourites represents approximately 2% of all plugins, and unfortunately we have pagination for a reason.



    I’m glad this was asked about as I also miss having the full listing of favorited plugins. I do fully understand why it was set to be truncated after a certain plugin count, though.

    That said, I do wish it would then have a link to https://wordpress.org/plugins/browse/favorites/?favorites_user=*username* (didn’t know about that favorites_user URL parameter until now, super helpful) at the very end of the plugins listing on a user’s profile if it did hit that 250 plugin limit to then take one to the spot where the full favorites list can be browsed. Kinda like a “View All” link being at the end of a listing that doesn’t show all of the content it has to offer. It’s a bit odd where it currently just cuts off without really pointing to where one would be able to actually see all of the favorites of a user (without otherwise needing to turn to the plugin install interface as a site admin.)

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