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    I have setup seamless donations and have run several tests by both myself as administrator and myself as donor and are not receiving notifications emails regarding the donation. Many people say they have figured it out put no one is posting how. I have tried many configurations. Thank you for your assistance.

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  • Also, when I make a test donation nothing shows up under donations and donor.

    Just updated the plugin to latest version. Still not working.


    I am also experiencing this issue.

    Please check your log (under Seamless Donations > Log in WordPress Admin).

    If it shows Pending – then your PayPal account is not approving the payments. Make sure you:

    1) have verified your PayPal account – check and confirm that your PayPal account has a verified email address. If the address in your PayPal account is not verified, payments will not automatically be marked as complete.
    2) do NOT have Payment Review enabled on your PayPal account
    3) have set up the currency in PayPal to match the currency you have set up Seamless Donations to receive in
    4) if the donor elected eCheck – those can take several days to clear – and until that happens it will show pending

    Hope this helps…

    Let me know if the logs show something else is amiss.

    Having the same issue. Paypal is working fine.

    I am not receiving the thank you note either. The PayPal donation went through fine, but the thank you note was not delivered. It wasn’t in my spam folder either.
    The email test worked.

    This is an important feature and would greatly appreciate your help.
    Thank you.

    The log says: Error: Could NOT send mail.
    Can you offer suggestions on how to trouble shoot this?
    Thank you.

    Nevermind! User error! I received the email. My apologies.

    I’m having this problem as well. PayPal works but no email from Seamless donations. The log says: Error: Could NOT send mail.
    Could you tell me what you found your error to be? Thanks

    Yes, I am embarrassed to say I misspelled by email address! Hopefully it’s that simple for you as well!

    thanks. That’s so something I would do. 🙂
    Wish it was that simple but alas I actually did get that part right. It’s also not collecting my funds or address data so I think I have another problem.
    Thanks again for the help. Any other suggestions on what might be going on are soooo welcome. 🙂

    I’m having the same problem



    Same here. Paypal gets and processes donation anb sends me a email about it. Just nothing from wordpress such as thank you email etc.



    Same problem here. Donation goes through, but no thank you page, email, or admin notification email. Any ideas??



    You might try disabling datbase caching in W3 Total Cache. Worked for me.



    I’m testing the plugin with a paypay sandbox account. The transactions are okay, but no notification is sent. Is it normal? I also have no record of donations or donors, while the log seems to show no problems. Any idea, please?

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