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  • Unlike the old version before this major revision, the plugin doesn’t send emails without cron. Shouldn’t it have a cron job thats named after the plugin so it’s obvious what cron job to adjust? When using cron it may be hours before it sends. What is the name of the cron job it creates? Why can’t it send email like it used to through wordpress. Shouldn’t the fact that it is a email plugin warrant better email control?

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  • This plugin uses the WordPress Cron job system. If you install WP Crontrol you’ll get the option to check and edit WP Cron jobs.

    The plugin creates the cron job “ig_es_cron_fifteen_mins” that is executed every 15min.

    You’ll have to understand how this time interval correlates to the “max emails per hour” setting: This number is divided by 4 and this amount of emails is send every 15min. So if you have a large list with 500 subscribers and you have set the limit to 100 per hour, then if you create a blog post at 10:10h it will start to send 25 emails at 10:15h. The next 25 at 10:30h and so on until the 500 emails are send. This will last 5h, so your last subscriber will get the email 5h after you posted your entry.

    You can change the “max emails per hour” setting, but check with your provider, what is allowed, otherwise your provider will probably block sending emails.

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