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    Hi, just downloaded email users plugin today for my site. I currently have 1456 registered members that I would like to be able to email.

    First, I tried to highlight all the users in a list and send out the email, I have 2 other accounts signed up as users so I can know if the email got sent out, and it was never received.

    I then tried to email just the administrators, then the authors, and same results, no email. Not even in spam folders.

    Any ideas?


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  • Just received word from one of my members that they did receive the email, so maybe the problem only lies with my accounts?

    Also, is there an unsubscribe feature for members who don’t wish to receive emails?

    Plugin Author Mike Walsh


    There are a couple of things which could prevent you from receiving an email:

    1. The account you sent the email from is excluded from the recipient list.
    2. There is a setting to change the number of users to include in a single email. 1456 email addresses in a header will likely look like SPAM so you might want to check you SPAM folder.
    3. If you are already using the setting to control the number of users per email, it is possible that your server views a series of emails back to back as SPAM.

    As to you other questions – the are settings for each user that allow them to receive mail. By default all users should receive email when the plugin is enabled, you (or the users themselves) can turn off their email through their profile. As an admin you also have the ability to manage user settings in Bulk through the Email Users menu.

    Hope that helps.

    For #2 above, where is the setting for the number of users to include in a single email. I can’t find it. That could be the root of my problem.

    “There is a setting to change the number of users to include in a single email. 1456 email addresses in a header will likely look like SPAM so you might want to check you SPAM folder.”

    Plugin Author Mike Walsh


    It is on the Email Users Settings Page – the field is the BCC limit.

    The “BCC Limit” field was set to none. Does that mean that there is no limit or that no BCC will be used?

    That only seems confusing because of the “Email Users Defaults” section below on the setting page. The field for BCC Limit is labeled “Max Bcc Recipients” and it is set to 0 (zero). That could mean “no limit” or zero BCC usage.

    I’m also having the same problem as Srumery not been able to send/receive emails. The plugin says they have been sent but they don’t arrive.

    I installed Email Users Version 4.3.21 on my WordPress Version 3.5.1 site.

    I added some test users with different email addresses and can use the ‘Send an Email to Individual Users’ and select one and it arrives.

    If I select 2 or more users in the ‘Send an Email to Individual Users’ or use the ‘Send an Email to User Groups’ option no user gets the email.

    Each time I send, I only receive a copy to the ‘From Sender Email
    Address’. Even if I untick ‘Exclude sender from email recipient list’ I still get it, but none of my other test user emails receive the email.

    I have tried it several times, changed different settings but still no go.

    I need it for the mass emailing, not the ‘Individual User’ option so any help you can give would be fantastic.

    Thanks, Ian

    Plugin Author Mike Walsh


    @srumery setting the BCC limit to zero means no limit will be used and Email Users will construct an email header with all of the addresses on the BCC line.

    If you want to see what the email headers look like, you can manually edit the email-users.php file (around like 45) and look for this:

    define( 'MAILUSERS_DEBUG', false);

    If you change it to true, the mail header will be output on the screen and in the error log. If you have WordPress Error Logging on, you’ll be able to see more (sometimes the dumping the header to the web page results in some characters being interpreted as HTML entities).

    I put the following in my wp-config.php when chasing down stuff like this:

    define('WP_DEBUG', true);
    define('WP_DEBUG_LOG', true);


    I have the same problem!
    It doesn’t send any email to any group!
    It do send for 1 individual user only.

    What should I do?!

    Plugin Author Mike Walsh


    What version of Email Users are you using?

    Begining with version 4.6.0, Email Users has a “Debug” mode which you can enable with a checkbox on the plugin settings page (Dashboard->Settings->Email Users).

    In debug mode Email Users will render a whole bunch of information at the top of the page after performing an email operation. The actual email operation is never completed, it is aborted just before the email is actually sent but in the debug information you can see all of the information which is used to construct the email headers. The information is a dump of the PHP variables which store the details but it is fairly easy to figure it out by reading through the data. If your BCC header information is empty it means your users are set such they don’t receive email.

    You can read more details and see some screen shots on my web site in this post.



    I’m using Email Users 4.6.1

    Plugin Author Mike Walsh


    Great. Please try using the debug mode and report what sort of information you see in the log. If you don’t want to post it here, you can send it me using my WordPress profile name (mpwalsh8) at Gmail dot com.



    I sent u an email.

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