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Not sending emails, but acts like it is

  • EasyMail has worked well for me for quite some time, but since about a week ago (probably after your last update) it no longer sends emails. It acts the same as if it is doing, but I’m no longer getting any views or clicks. I used to get loads. A few people I know have signed up and are not receiving anything.

    Any help would be gratefully received!




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  • I have been testing this newsletter email plug in, and it seems I have been having the same problem. It sends a few messages, then stops, yet it seems as if it is sending the messages when its not sending anything. Haven’t been able to send emails in the last few days.

    The batch sending section for bulk messaging hasn’t been working either, it send 1 email every 5 to 10 minutes or so.

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    Have you checked if other WP emails go out properly (e.g. recovery password)? Sometimes it’ s a global problem about mail system.

    Yes, The other emails go out OK.

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    Ok, you can debug newsletters: rather than the recipients, you can send all emails of a newsletter to the author or you can have them recorded into a log file, in order to understand what happens. You can enable it in Newsletters → Settings → tab Newsletter.

    Ok Thanks

    We have been using EasyMail Newsletters for quite some time with no problems. But now our newsletters are not going out. It goes through the queue, says 100% complete, but none of my subscribers actually receive the email. I have tried the suggestions above and that did not work.
    I created a new newsletter and tried again – nothing!
    Any help would be appreciated.

    Same for me… please, help?

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    You can use https://wordpress.org/plugins/email-log/ to log every email sent through your WP installation.

    And this will help to know why the plugin doesn’t send my newsletter et to fix it?

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    It’s a plugin that create log with sent email details.
    Sometimes it’s a global problem about mail system and a plugin like that is useful to understand if the blog emails (including newsletters) really go out or not. Have you checked if other WP emails go out properly e.g. recovery password? (Please ask your provider if you find global problem about mail sending).
    You can try also to debug newsletters using a plugin option, as explained abov in comment #5.

    -I try ed “email-log” but this says “Your email log is empty”, so…
    -I tryed to do “password lost” and I didn’t recived email…
    -I also tryed to debug “send email to author” but nothing appens…

    What can I do?

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    If you didn’t receive the password-lost email, it seems to be a problem with ALL emails sending by your blog, not only newsletters.
    You can make a test: disable temporary all other plugins and try to send emails/newsletters from your blog. If the emails go out, it’s an issue caused by a plugin: enable one plugin per time and send again till you find the guilty plugin.
    If no success, you can ask to your provider if there is some server issue about email sending.

    Today I have the same problem of the other bloggers: the mails seem to be sent but don’t arrive.
    Wordpress is working well, in fact i can receive notifications about comments and other mails from the blog.
    I have 1200 subscribers about and the last week I sent successfully the last newsletter.
    Where is the problem?

    For me it was because more than 5% of email adress of subscribers was wrong…

    I can’t send the newsletter even to myself as a test…

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 17 total)
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