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  • i get this error everytime i add a new category in wordpress:

    Fatal error: Call to undefined method s2class::update_option() in /*******/wp-content/plugins/subscribe2/subscribe2.php on line 1519

    and the mailing doesn’t start anymore when i add a post.

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  • @crashtest,

    I’m presuming you are using Subscribe2 version 6.3. If this is not the case please post version.

    You can fix this by reverting to version 6.2 of Subscribe2 and I’ll get it fixed for the next release (6.4).

    thank you for your answer and yes, i’m using subscribe2 v. 6.3.
    I’m going reverting to 6.2 and re-trying to send the newsletter, do you think there’s some queue to stop?
    I tryed many times to send a newsletter and failed, and i want to be sure that after reverting to 6.2 no previous sending are in queue and will start when i’ll go with next sending…


    There is no mail queue feature in Subscribe2 so there shouldn’t be a problem unless you are using other queueing solutions.

    um, did this plugin just delete all of my categories?
    or is there some other thing going on?


    There is no code in Subscribe2 that can delete categories, the code simply removed category subscriptions when the WordPress API indicates that a category has been deleted by someone or something else.

    Ok, well, maybe it didn’t delete them, but I can’t see them from the category page, they’re not listed in the categories to subscribe to when I try to edit a user’s subscriptions and all of my posts are now Uncategorized.


    Well they are deleted then. Did you have a backup? You could restore from that if you did.

    something corrupted my database, it had to be rebuilt… in a way that only my webhost could do… not the kind of repair that I can tell cpanel to do.

    still no idea what caused it, but it hasn’t happened again, since I got it repaired.

    I’m still reluctant to come back to 6.3, so I think I’ll wait until 6.4

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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