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  • Are the files actually getting pulled from Google (if so they will move from the Origin to the Destination folder)?

    If not, try creating and then manually running a script. Cut and paste the code below into a text file.

    $docs_to_wp = new Docs_To_WP();
    $result = $docs_to_wp->startTransfer();
    wp_mail("EMAIL", "Results from Cron Job", print_r( $result, true ) );

    Swap your email address on the last line where it says EMAIL, making sure to keep it between the quote marks. Save the file with a .php suffix, i.e. ‘cronjob.php’ or something else you can easily remember. Upload that file into the root directory of your site.

    In your browser, enter the address of your site and the name of the cron file, i.e. “” – this will manually run the file you just created. You’ll get a white screen, and if you have a status bar enabled on your browser window it might give you a message like, ‘waiting for’ (we get this because of the volume of posts we do at once). Sometimes we have to run it a couple of times to get everything.

    If it works (which it should if everything else is configured correctly) you should see draft posts pop up pretty quickly and you’ll get an email detailing the number of posts the cron job pulled for you.

    I know for me that the plugin for the Cron job was hit or miss. One of the reasons was that I run eight sites and my host provider thought it was malicious activity and shut it down. I’ve been running it manually ever since.

    Good luck, and let me know if it works.

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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