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    I’m having the same problem that was described in this post and I was wondering if anyone knew if it was fixed, or if there was some kind of conflict with the new WordPress version and I just need to be patient.

    Like the poster of the above topic, I made a test page with a full-size, large, medium and thumbnail version of the same image (was called IMG_0868.JPG and is an image of a woman and a dog in a canoe) and then I replaced it (updating links) to a new image (IMG_0808.JPG which is a picture of a dog up close). The full-size image updated and the other sizes are just links that say “IMG_0868.JPG” even though when you click on them, they show you IMG_0808.JPG, the new image.

    When I looked at the text version of the page, the links were all changed, but the source and alt tag were still listed as the original image.

    The link to my test page is

    I hope this problem gets fixed soon because this is usually such a useful plug-in and usually saves me so much time.

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  • I’m having this exact same problem as well. Has a solution been found by anyone? Is there going to be an update to this plugin, or maybe some code that I can paste somewhere? I’m not tech-savvy enough to fix this myself; but I can follow basic instructions. Please! Somebody get on this?

    Plugin Author Måns Jonasson


    This is correct, and it’s a limitation in the plugin, due to the very stupid way that WordPress handles resized images.

    The problem is that WP uses the sizes of the resized images in the filename, so if you upload a picture called “image.jpg” with the original size of 1400×1400 for instance, the medium size file will be called “image-300×300.jpg” and the thumbnail size file will be called “image-150×150.jpg”.

    Now, let’s say that you upload a picture with other dimensions to replace it, say 1900×1200. WordPress will now create new resized files for you, and use the same naming convention, but most likely all of your proportions will be different, so the medium size image will not be called “image-300×300.jpg” anymore, but perhaps “image-300×241.jpg” instead.

    There is no good way for me to guess which new image you want to put in place of the old one, since the sizes are different. Therefore, I simply ignore your resized images upon replacing. You’ll have to edit your posts and embed the image again to have it replaced in the post.

    I am hoping that WordPress will at some point in the future move to a smarter, more modern way of working with images, so that the resizes can be done on-the-fly instead, and then we wouldn’t need to bother with replacing them.

    And maybe WordPress will at some point have its own replace media-functionality built-in, rendering this plugin obsolete. 🙂

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