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  • Jordy,

    We’re a new user and bought Pro as this is just what we’ve been looking for. However, in use it isn’t quite doing what we expected. Here’s our use case and what we’re hoping for. We’re a movie review site. Our authors will create a new post and start writing. As they’re writing they’ll Add Featured Image and Add Media to add the movie poster and a shot from the film, etc. They pretty much never touch the Media gallery itself. What they will do is use the Title field within the post editor to change the title of the images to our structure. The problem is, that doesn’t result in a changed image title in the gallery. It still has its original name and now gets a button from the plugin that we can use to manually (slowly) rename each of the images. This also generates a 404 we have to deal with as the old image title and URL is now active.

    What are we doing wrong or not understanding?

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  • I should point out that Rename on Save is also selected, but still doesn’t seem to rename the file. Not does the ALT text seem to change though that is also selected.

    I can provide screenshots if necessary.

    Plugin Author Jordy Meow



    The “Rename on Post Save” is a very tricky/hacky option and that is why I mentioned in the plugin that is is not recommended (in capital letters). Renaming the filename and updating the HTML on the fly is close to impossible in WordPress as it is not meant to be done at all. The proper way of renaming files is to do it in the Media Library. To do it while editing a post is hacky, it seems natural from the user perspective but from the developer point of view it’s like changing parts of the engine while driving a car. I kept that option because it works in many cases and many of my users seem to love it, so it’s there for them. It would be up to be, I would remove it.

    Now about your issue. Media File Renamer rename the files. However, you mentioned about the title in the gallery, which is something very different. About this, normally, the gallery in WordPress are dynamically generated, the title is not static so that should be definitely updated depending on the title you set. It’s weird.

    Your users upload files, change the titles when inserting the media. At this point, the filename would still be the same, even if they save (please don’t use the option mentioned before – it’s unsafe). The only way to rename the files (and the references to them) is to use the Auto-Rename button. When you do so, are the filenames renames? And the references?

    Can you show me a few screenshots? Also the best, is when the issue is a bit complex, I can provide you a testing environment where you can try to reproduce the issue. If you can, then I can easily play with that install to (instead of yours). Let me know if you want to do this.

    Jordy, for what it’s worth I didn’t notice the big alert (in caps). It’s not mentioned in the setting itself under Advanced so after not setting it didn’t work, we also tried with it on and that didn’t work.

    I understand where you’re coming from. We had another plugin that this just worked in as described and suddenly one WP update caused it to stop working entirely.

    The terms are a bit confusing but maybe this will help. In Media Gallery there’s a blue “title” that’s a link. That’s what we set while editing. Below that is a black “title” that I believe is the filename and that’s what we’d like to match the Title.

    So, for example, we have the desired:
    “La La Land Movie Shot 2” as the blue link title and,
    “la_la_land_review_emma_stone_ryan_gosling1.jpg” as the filename and I have no idea where that came from.

    However, if we wait until post publish to change this, it then creates a broken link. I used the plugin to rename all 3,500 images on our site and ended up with 3,500 new names and 3,500 broken links based on the old names. That’s what I’m now trying to avoid.

    I didn’t anticipate that renaming the files would create broken links.

    Plugin Author Jordy Meow


    The plugin is supposed to avoid those broken links. Of course, that depends how your WordPress is set up and how your posts are written. If the links are written naturally, then they are normally renamed fined. Are you using a specific editor? I feel like more and more people are using visual editor now to write their posts and pages, and that might not be handled properly as they as based on shortcodes (and my plugin would need to know about every each of them). How are you writing your posts? Do you know how the HTML looks like in the editor?

    How can I share that with you to best help? We mainly do use the visual editor these days. HTML just gets in the way. Here’s one:

    <a href=""><img class="alignright size-medium wp-image-28400" title="La La Land Movie Poster" src="" alt="La La Land Movie Poster" width="202" height="300" /></a>An aspiring actress and an ambitious musician share an unlikely love affair in <em><strong>La La Land</strong></em>.
    Mia (<strong>Emma Stone</strong>) and Sebastian (<strong>Ryan Gosling</strong>) are two Los Angeles strangers with a date etched onto Cupid's calendar. She spends her days running between countless auditions and making ends meet working at a Hollywood studio coffee shop. He's obsessed with jazz in every facet of his life, and he plans to run his own club one day. For now, he'll have to make do as the pianist at a quiet restaurant where they don't play jazz. As far as Sebastian's concerned, it's just another opportunity to convince them all of the magic they're missing out on.
    It's not like the lives of a pianist and part-time barista share much in common, but no matter where they find themselves, the other is inevitably there. Cupid's never been one to let proximity in location or life stand in the way. It's a star-crossed relationship that will have to endure over their own lifelong dreams, and that's a compromise that neither appears ready to make.
    Director <strong>Damien Chazelle</strong> is clearly a jazz junkie. His first film, 2010's <em><strong>Guy and Madeline on a Park Bench</strong></em>, is about a jazz trumpeter. He broke through with his sophomore effort <a href=""><em><strong>Whiplash</strong></em></a>. That 2014 masterpiece focuses on the challenges of a young jazz drummer. This time around, the male lead is a jazz pianist. Perhaps his next film will woo us with the travails of a struggling young jazz cellist?
    For all its hype, Chazelle's latest film is a far cry from the polished gem of his previous effort. On the plus side, Gosling and Stone fit one another like well-worn gloves. They've had a lot of practice because it's the third time that they've been paired as on-screen lovers. The ├╝ber-talented <strong>John Legend</strong> shows up, and his marvelous singing performance is the least memorable thing about his remarkable role.
    Yes, the leads are beautiful. Yes, the camera work is exceptional. Yes, there's some great music. Yes, the choreography is the best in recent memory. That's all well and good, but there's also the inescapable fact that everything in this film feels incomplete. It's a comedy without any laughs, a drama with little tension, a musical with less than a handful of (mostly forgettable) songs and a romance that isn't all that romantic. It's the kind of film where the story shouldn't matter (think <em><strong><a href="">Mamma Mia</a>!</strong></em>), but it drags along while still somehow managing to never say all that much. This feels like a trip to a renowned ice cream parlor where you're told that they're out of everything but vanilla. Sure, it's the best vanilla in town, but I really had my heart set on pistachio.
    <a href=""><img class="aligncenter size-full wp-image-28398" title="La La Land Movie Shot" src="" alt="La La Land Movie Shot" width="752" height="395" /></a>

    You’ll see one shortcode we use for someting unique on our site, rating charts for the films. That’s the only thing I can think of that’s out of the norm.

    Wanted to clarify something in case it’s important.

    Here’s a typical process. We grab our movie posters from an official site. Take the case of the new film Passengers. Ultimately we’d want this image to end up being named “passengers-movie-poster.png” (after we add it to a post).

    The file’s URL-based name that we use to upload is “passengers_xlg”. MFR changes its name to passengers_xlg[1]. In the post we then give it a title and it appears you then change the name. So then won’t that create a re-direct and thus we’ll end up with a huge list of re-directs?

    Sorry for the ignorance.

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