• We have a huge community site with over 24k members and hundreds of pages, articles, and profile pages. We paid the $100 or more (Can’t remember exactly) dollars for a full year membership. First time we attempted a recover from their backups, the whole site was a mess.

    Our whole forum area was absolutely broken and missing. The database was full of errors. Widgets were not restored to the right places. Totally defaced website.

    The first sign that something was wrong with the recover was when the plugin initially said it had found over 49k files to restore. Then suddenly out of the blue it says it was recovering 2k files out of 3k files or something like that. It went through the file recovery really fast, just a couple of minutes, then delayed much longer to recover the databases (which in theory should have been faster than recovering all the thousands of files on our site)

    We just cancelled the account, and they have not even bothered to contact us and ask what was wrong or if they could be of any help. No refund, no nothing. Not a great experience at all.

    Another bad experience with them is their staging sites are not reliable either. We had a very hard time reaching the staging site we set up on their service, and it was also VERY, VERY slow, practically useless.

    If you have a small site, go ahead, it’ll probably be fine for you. If you have critical data or huge websites to back up, stay away!

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