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    Below you can find 2 pages, (just try to add that product to a cart and go for checkout)
    BTW, give all dummy data..

    Iam able to see paypal page for Test1, but not for Test2 (its really surprising me, dont understand what went wrong..)

    Test1: (Working)
    Test2: (Not Working)

    BOTH using same theme (eStore) and same plugin (eShop), recommended by eStore here:

    At the end of checkout. please someone tell me why Test2 not redirecting to paypal as Test1 working perectly..?

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  • Estore is a commercial theme — and they are not supported here. You’ll need to contact Elegant Themes for help.

    What I feel is: its not estore theme problem, its something eShop problem..

    so, anyone guyz..? (U faced this type of prob before?)

    FYI, ?eshopaction=redirect is not appearing in URL for Test2 at the end of ‘CheckOut’, donno why..?

    Perhaps post on the eShop site — or perhaps esmi is still around here and will see this thread.

    who is esmi?

    She’s a moderator who is around these forums a lot and she’s also the developer of eShop. I just added a tag to this thread for eshop — so she’ll more likely catch it.

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    What I feel is: its not estore theme problem, its something eShop problem..

    I’m not familiar with eShop but ruling out theme problems may be easy to do. Can you switch to the Twenty Eleven theme and then visit “the URL (Not Working)”?

    If it works then switch back to the estore theme and attempt to reproduce the problem.

    ya I tried using default theme as well, BUT still no result.. 🙁

    hey idenitifed prob, when I uninstalled seo yoast, now I can able to redirect.. BUT the prob is I need seo yoast too since i use it for my onpage seo.. so what I have to do now.?



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    We’ve not had any other reports of Yoast’s plugin conflicting with eShop, So I’m not convinced that this is the cause of the problem given the popularity of both plugins. Are you perhaps hitting a memory issue?

    Also, please note that we (ie eShop’s developers) do not support the eStore theme from Elegant Themes. So you need to test your site using Twenty Eleven. And, finally, please do not post “look at this topic” messages in eShop’s dedicated forum, That is one quick way to get yourself banned from that forum completely.

    iam not lieing…

    when I uninstalled seo yoast, then only its redirecting to paypal page.. really not sure whats exactly the prob is…



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    Have you checked your site’s error logs for memory issues?

    How to check my site error logs ..? iam using hostgator…

    I logged into cpanel and clicked ‘error log’, BUT I didnt find any error related to my site..



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    Did you actually find your error logs?

    ya i found error logs.. just 2 lines, but they’re of my different sites..

    really not understanding this behavior.. both yoast and eshop are gr8 plugins and i need them both..

    what to do..?

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