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  • location.replace is in the additional settings field (characters replaced from the author’s page)

    on_sent_ok: “location.replace(‘http://[domainname].net/release-of-information-2/’);”

    but the location.replace is not being written to the page, not in the generated source, the success message is also not being hidden…


    Yes having the same issue too after upgrading to 3.8 and latest Contact Form 7 plugin (3.6).

    Tried my previous version of plugin (3.4.x) with WP 3.8 too but this doesn’t work either so must be a WP 3.8 issue.

    looks like it will take the script author to fix this problem.. checked all the classes and there are no changes i can find in either the new version of contact form 7, or the latest version of this plugin..(anyone give this a go yet?) imagine your site has hundreds of interlinked forms and you upgrade to 3.8… but then again how would you know, unless you submitted them yourself

    Plugin Author webheadcoder


    I can’t replicate the issues you are having. I just updated my site to WP 3.8 and the demo form still redirects properly.

    Please disable all plugins except contact form 7 and this plugin and see if it still does not redirect.

    went through all plugins, disabled except contact form 7 and this plugin, did not advance, did not send the mail like it wanted to advance, but still displayed the message sent notice instead of the redirect, then brought the plugins back one at a time, submitting the form after each… hidden field is in the page but nothing will redirect .. if you take email i would be most happy to send the url to you, can’t post it here.. and i do appreciate your responses

    Plugin Author webheadcoder


    sounds like the plugin isn’t even activated. You can send me the url through the contact form on my site:

    has been sent in your contact form, thank you! yes the plugin is activated

    Plugin Author webheadcoder


    It looks like the cf7msm.js isn’t loading on your page. It also looks like you aren’t using the default jQuery included with WordPress. cf7msm.js depends on the WordPress script named ‘jquery’. If you want to load jquery from google’s libraries the Use Google Libraries plugin works without disrupting anything.

    Like to thank webheadllc for his help in this matter! Courteous and kind he was. Due to the need for not using the included jquery in WP, programming was added to the templates to load the included jquery on the form templates and not load the different version from google and the plugin now works as great as I expected! thank you!

    I’m also having problems with redirecting in WP 3.8.
    Looks like all the scripts are loading correctly, the page just won’t redirect to the next step and all the filled in data remains on the page, even after navigating to different pages and then returning to the form.
    Any thoughts?

    Wait, I think I already found the solution.
    Not sure what I did right/wrong but it seems to be working now.

    Well, now the first form will not engage the shortcode..

    [hidden step “1-5”] prints to the page

Viewing 12 replies - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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