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  • Let’s start with the fact that we haven’t received a HELLO since our first email and this is very rude from the first message.

    Since we installed the site it was damaged, then it was solved next day, we have 4 domains in which we were interested in the service but what happened was that the whole system became mega slow. After several emails to solve the problem we lasted a day and a half without our users could not log in or even lose customers because no one could buy anything because the system did not detect any cloud to save the information. They tried to help but in one message they were almost uninterested in finding a solution to keep us as customers.

    We expected solutions but after delays with a problem that should be solved from a LIVE CHAT for accounts starting or premium resulted in that they could not help or solve the problem.

    Negative points for poor service in resolving these serious problems and also for the lack of education.

    Definitely not recommended for sites with customer as there are too many errors that they are not prepared to solve…,

    Luckily all this happened in the 7 days trial so if you want to try it take advantage of the 7 days.

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  • Plugin Author Aaron Edwards


    I want to start by expressing my sincere apologies for the difficulties you’ve encountered. We understand how frustrating it can be to experience issues with your website, and we’re committed to helping you resolve them.

    First, I’d like to address the initial issue you faced, which was related to a bug with our CDN provider for new sites. I’m relieved to let you know that we’ve resolved this issue. In the rare event that something like this happens in the future, please know that you have the option to temporarily deactivate the plugin to restore your site’s media functionality while our team works diligently to address the problem.

    I also want to acknowledge that we currently do not offer live support. We understand that timely support is important to you, and while we may not have the resources for live support at the moment, we are dedicated to providing prompt assistance. Rest assured, we did receive your support ticket and were able to address the issue within our 24-hour support window.

    In addition to the initial issue, we’ve spent the last few days thoroughly debugging your code and reviewing error logs to identify the cause of the compatibility issue with certain plugins on your site. Unfortunately, we discovered that these specific plugins were accessing the file system in a way that negatively impacted performance and caused your site to slow down. We make every effort to ensure compatibility with a wide range of plugins, but there are instances where certain plugins employ code practices that make it challenging for us to find a workaround.

    Please know that we take your concerns seriously and are here to support you. We’re grateful for your understanding and patience as we work to provide the best possible service. If you have any further questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

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