• I had found the SendWP plugin while searching for an alternative to Amazon SES. The pricing structure is very simple, which I like.

    However, it is also essential for European website operators that the selected third-party providers and partners comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), or who provide some basic company information, which is unfortunately not the case here. There is no information about who exactly operates the service and where they are headquartered. However, this information is mandatory according to the GDPR.

    Because as a website operator in the EU, data processing agreements must be concluded with third-party providers from certain countries that process our customer data (here: e-mails from visitors, users, customers etc.). Because, the headquarters of these third-party providers used must be stated in one’s own data protection documentation. Unfortunately, these are the requirements.

    So I tried to contact the provider to find out this information. But unfortunately, already here in the support forum, the first message (READ THIS FIRST) points out that no support is provided. Unless you register an account on their website, but in turn you need to pay to create an account, no matter what.

    So it is neither possible to test the plugin or the service, nor is it possible to get legally important information about the provider without creating a paid account.

    These are all red flags in my eyes and although I have not yet been able to test the plugin and its quality. For this reason, I cannot recommend it in any case.

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    • This topic was modified 1 year, 4 months ago by presscode.
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  • Plugin Author mrpritchett


    Hi there!

    We’re glad you like our pricing structure! However, I’d like to speak to a few of your points in your review as they simply aren’t correct.

    Our Privacy Policy & Terms of Service very clearly lay out our privacy policies as well as how we comply with GDPR requests. They also repeatedly spell out down to the county level where we are headquartered, which is Bradley County, Tennessee, USA.

    It’s true that we don’t routinely monitor this support forum as we believe that our ticket system allows us to provide faster, better, and more customer-friendly service for our service. I’m sorry that you missed our public support channel, which can be accessed through the main menu of our website by clicking support. But we do provide excellent support for customers and non-customers alike.

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