• This plugin committed the cardinal sin of plugins: it deleted my settings, for apparently no reason, and wasted a tremendous amount of my time getting it fixed. Just finished spending 3 hours of time I didn’t have reconfiguring the slideshow, the property overview image sizes, getting the currency to show up properly, dealing with mobile responsive issues. Mind you, this was after I’d already spent hours about 8 months ago setting it up properly.

    Maybe this was caused by the automatic WordPress update that my host pushes. I don’t know. But my experience suggests that this plugin is built on a weak foundation that will crumble at the slightest push.

    Had it not been for this, I would have only given it 2 or 3 stars. It is extremely hard to use, and (at the time I originally set up the site) did / does not have mobile responsive elements for pictures. It hard-codes in image sizes. Given the well-known fact that a huge plurality of web traffic is on mobile, I don’t see how these guys could possibly build a plugin that simply ignores mobile users.

    Spend more somewhere else (I am a paid user of their plugin). It’ll be worth the saved headache.

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