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  • So I had an ad account in my personal FB account. I created a Business manager account and transfer my ad account into it.

    I connect to FB just fine, but one the Product Catalog tab I still get

    Please add a Business Manager account.
    A Business Manager account is required to access the Product Catalog. Please visit the General Settings page and select an Ad Account that’s associated with a Business Manager.

    I tried disconnecting and reconnecting, there are still only the one Ad Account when I connect and one pixel. Both are in BM…

    Confused… any ideas?

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  • This is now resolved. It seems like Pixel Caffeine had cached what account and pixel I wanted to connect with and absolutely refused to release it and look again.

    Maybe it stores it in a transient that doesn’t get updated? maybe object caching. Dunno.. but I finally got it to let me connect with a different FB account and it saw it as a BM account and let me complete setup.

    Something in there is too sticky though because it shouldn’t be _that_ hard to disconnect account A and connect account B. Not to mention I’d converted account A to to a business manager account and it didn’t recognize that.

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