• We just launched a new website using WooCommerce, but we’re having issues with receiving emails for new customer orders. We are only using PayPal Pro to receive payment, but sometimes we receive the email for new customer orders and sometimes we don’t. Here’s what I’ve done to troubleshoot so far:

    – Installed and used ‘Check Email’ plugin to make sure emails would send from WordPress. The test emails were delivered.
    – Installed and used ‘Email Log’ plugin to track emails. I can see that it is periodically sending the ‘New customer order’ email, but other times it doesn’t at all.

    With that said, I know that the email issue is within WooCommerce, because we can clearly see the emails are not being sent at all. If it helps, our website can be found here: https://labeloff.com/.

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    Never mind, we caught it. The ‘Check Email’ did catch that the emails were indeed being sent after the order was placed. Another email was sending afterwards when the products were being shipped. It looks like this is an issue on GoDaddy’s side. I’ll work with them. Cheers.

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    Cool, thanks for sharing your solution.
    Much obliged.

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