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  • Hi Chad Eisenhart please read the following URL.

    Kind regards

    One of my clients is not getting emails, either. WP 3.9.2 on Godaddy Linux and I have done all the steps, including the recommended plugin, WP MAIL SMTP per your TIPS sheet. Still nothing. The BCC email option does not seem to work either. I would hate to have to migrate all my clients away from Godaddy for this problem. Do I recommend that all my clients need to hire a php programmer for custom contact forms?

    I just got off the phone with Godaddy. A very helpful tech person. He claims that Godaddy does not interfere with emails generated by this contact form. I am suspecting a WordPress bug in the new release?

    Hi @stevengootgeld are you saying that the version WordPress 3.9.2 has a bug?

    I followed the notes on and and I never did get it set up on one of my clients sites. He had his own GoDaddy accounts. Yes I did use the WP Mail SMTP plugin. I then when back to a few of my other clients that are on my Godaddy account and made sure their websites were set up per the two links above.

    Before even making changes they were still getting contact forms. I did two complaints from clients over the last couple months about not receiving a contact form. I checked and the one of the forms not received was from an Yahoo email account.

    So I made sure I followed all of the settings above on the clients who are on my GoDaddy account. I tested with a Yahoo email address and it worked just fine.

    I am pretty sure NONE of the sites I got it working on are on the 3.9.2 version of WordPress.

    I do have my own site I am updating. I will give it a test on my own site and report back.

    I do want to say thanks to the plugin developer for providing the plugin. I am sure it is a real time commitment. Thanks.

    Hi @chad Eisenhart thank you for your information. I look forward to your report.

    In my opinion WordPress 3.9.2 is more a security patch. It really does not touch other codes that might affect the sending and receiving of e-mails through a contact form.

    I suspect some other issue in the server if anyone is having this issue and have already followed the instructions mentioned above without success.

    Kind regards

    I’m just trying to nail down the problem, not pointing fingers at anybody. Some of you know how crazy your web clients can get when something stops working correctly. My client in this case is using email at his domain, so no Yahoo, Gmail, etc. are involved.

    Fast Secure Contact Form is a *wonderful* plugin, makes my life much easier. Chad, please do report back after you test with the latest WP version. Thanks to all who have responded. Hoping to get this working through a great forum community of people who are a ton more knowledgeable than I am!

    BTW, the site is The opt-in in the sidebar immediately sends the user a canned email but ignores a BCC email to the owner, so he has no way to find out who is requesting his promotional free material. The contact form on the ‘contact’ page of the site does not work at all, I and others have filled out the form several times and my client gets nothing in email. I set up all the parameters per the tips listed in this thread, even the unused default forms in the plugin….still nothing.

    Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!

    Ooops, looks like my client deleted the form on the contact page until a solution is found…

    Hi @stevengootgeld please submit a support ticket to @mike Challis the plugin developer.

    Thank you

    Some customers are filling in the form and yet, we are not receiving it??? They in turn do receive thee autoresponse email after they submit it. Please advise

    Also CFDB stopped receiving data!

    Hi @colorwhims can you start a new support ticket thank you. Your issue might be slightly different.

    Thank you

    I startes a new ticket, so where can I see it?

    Hi @colorwhims I can’t see your new ticket? Where did you create the ticket?

    If you want to create a support ticket for this plugin click here.

    Thank you

    I donated and sent it here:

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