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  • Just to follow up on this. I tried to play around with my test donations amounts (I normally donate $1 to test, but tried it at the $10 and $5 levels too). I also tried to deactivate all of my other plugins, to check for conflicts, but no dice.

    Hi Laura!

    Have you received money via this PayPal account before, or is it a new account? If it is new, you need to be sure to confirm the account with PayPal before donations will start to flow.

    Otherwise, shoot me a link to the page and I will take a look and see.



    Sorry, I just realized I said confirm, but what I meant to say was “verified”

    If this is a new account, you need to verify your account with PayPal, and then things should work.

    I’m having exactly the same problem. The donations are being received but the reply email is not being sent and the donations are not being recorded on the site. Also, a notification email is not being sent to indicate that a donation has been received. Does an IPN URL needs to be set with Paypal.

    Great plug in. Thanks!

    Sorry – I should have updated earlier. It turns out that I did not have IPN setup so that Paypal and my site could communicate.

    That did the trick! Thanks for the feedback and follow up. And, I hope that helps Steve, too.


    Thanks Laura! I haven’t tested it yet but I’m pretty sure enabling IPN will solve the problem.

    Hi everyone!

    I have just uploaded a new version (2.1.4) that adds logging – please update and attempt a donation (test or production) and then send me the logs (allen at designgeneers dot com)

    You can find the logs under a new dashboard menu item (under Seamless Donations) called logs – just cut and paste

    This should help me get to the bottom of the issues that a few of you are having.



    I’m going to mark this thread as resolved and dig into each problem in a unique thread – like for example Matt’s thread

    Otherwise this thread is going to get confusing – there might be a couple different reasons at play here, including:

    – Make sure the PayPal account you are trying to donate is Confirmed/Verified

    – Is “Payment Review” activated on the PayPal account you are trying to donate to? (This will make every donation sit in Pending until you manually approve it)

    – Is “Block Payments in a Currency I do not accept” active on the PayPal account you are trying to donate to? (Seamless Donations only does USD right now)


Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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