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    Hi there,

    Been having a few issues with KaliForms. I installed the plug-in (free version) and I have a form displayed on one of my pages. I tested it and the user who submits the contact form receives an email confirmation. However I (site owner) do not receive anything on my side… How (or where) am I supposed to receive users’ messages?

    I assumed they’d be sent to the email associated with my wordpress account but that’s not the case.

    Thank you.

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    From what you have described you are using the one-click import template: ‘Contact form’, this template will only provide one example email that will be sent to the submitting user.

    You can create an additional email so you also receive the submitted data from Settings > Email settings. With our latest release we also introduced the ‘Guided emails’ feature, this is a small wizard that will help you configure your emails by answering a short number of questions. You can read more about this topic here:

    In order to send the submitted data in your email please make sure to use the field placeholders feature by clicking the <> sign.

    Please try it and let me know!


    I’m seeing similar issue. Troubleshooting…

    – Set up new template form.
    – Edited Normal email and added guided
    – Testing live form from website = still not receiving any confirmation to the email that was entered in the form to confirm the submission or any email sent to notify that the form was submitted.

    – Continuing troubleshooting by removing and adding the Normal and Guided emails…
    Will update if find solution.

    UPDATE… After almost an hour of deleting the original template contact form, creating a new form, importing template, setting up custom Normal and Guided emails… Not working yet. I give up for now, too much time consumption of WYSIWYG…

    Might be going this route, https://www.w3schools.com/js/js_validation.asp


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    How do I delete or edit WP.org support replies?

    My solution is this…
    – Take out the Contact Section from the theme forcing the user to use Kali forms
    – Make a custom section in the page with the default contact form

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    Hello Sam,

    The Contact form one-click import template provides an example email that will be sent to the email of the submitting user.

    Are the default WordPress emails delivered, for example when creating a new account?

    One thing you could try is making sure that the From name and From email fields from your email configuration are the same as configured in your WordPress general settings.

    Please try it and let me know.

    Yes, thank you for the reply. I did check numerous things including the default WordPress emails and the From name and From email

    I have already spent too much time on this troubleshooting.
    My solution was to remove Kali forms plugin and create a custom page section where a different form could be used.

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