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    I have the Discussion Options checked to email me whenever anybody posts a comment. I am not receiving emails. This is happening on two different blogs, one with a bunch of plugins activated, and one bare bones. I’ve tried it with multiple email addresses, two of which receive more spam than should be possible. I have used the php mail() function on the same servers that wordpress is installed on (on both blogs’ servers) to send emails successfully, so i’m pretty sure it’s not my hosting services (again, two different ones) blocking the outgoing message….?? Ideas?

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  • I’m having the same problem so I hope someone will enlighten us 😉

    Why is this marked “[resolved]”? What’s the answer? I’m having the same problem and I would like to know the secret solution. (I’m on WordPress 2.2.1 — 0.27 seconds)

    I’ve got the problem too. I’ve been driving my host mad but I’m now thinking that its not their problem.
    I posted earlier here

    I’m having the same problem – running WP 2.2.1

    the last time that i received a notification of a comment posted was Jun 2, 2007 – which was a couple of versions ago, but i don’t recall the exact version number.

    after posting my echo of the above problem, i realized (in the middle of the night, as these realizations tend to come) – that i had noticed this problem before, and the answer, for my situation, was that my ISP requires -f switch in the header.

    you might try this:

    at least, for me, it’s now fixed (again). my trouble is, every time i upgrade, i always seem to forget that piece of the restore…. 🙁

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