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  1. leesal
    Posted 8 years ago #


    PS DreamHost is fine, I've been using it for more than a year now to host my main blog, based on WordPress, and I didn't have any serious problems up to now. The problem with the email notifications occured right after my last WP upgrade, so I guess, it's not a hosting problm, but rather a WP problem...

    Actually it probably was (still is) dreamhost's problem. They sent me a mass email (which is infuriating after 3 days of me asking for help and not hearing from them) saying their server wasn't executing mailscripts for the last few days. That the system had been "clogged up" and things should be peachy now. Well they aren't- I'm starting to get email notifications from 3 days ago, but only some.

    But here's the solution that fixed all this for me:

    I was in contact with several people who work at WP and one of them suggested doing this:

    1.set up a completely new email address (i picked notifications@mydomain.com) - don't use wordpress@yourdomain.com

    2. then install this plug-in:


    3. in the plug-in options tab set the options to:
    send mail using SMTP,
    send the mail using your new email address,
    fill in the SMTP host, username and password that your host gave you when you set up the new email address,
    YES, use smtp authentication

    4. Send yourself a test mail using the plugin to make sure it works.

    By doing all this you are bypassing php mailscripts altogether and you don't have to rely on your host having them working.

    It worked for me, I tested commenting on the blog and it came through immediately. When I turn this plugin off and try it I'm STILL not getting email notifications.

    Hope this helps, good luck everyone.

  2. lexhair
    Posted 8 years ago #

    This plugin didn't cure the problem on my install. Must have a plugin conflict.

  3. eliotc
    Posted 8 years ago #

    Not sure if this has been resolved already, but i fixed this on my own sites by enabling phpmail()

    So if you've just migrated to a different server, this may be the case.

    But if it worked before, nothing changed, and now emails don't get sent, this probably won't solve your problem.

  4. poulsen
    Posted 8 years ago #

    In case this might help someone, I didn't have any problems with this until I upgraded to 2.3.3. After the upgrade I stopped getting email notification for comments, but when I added the $phpmailer->Sender = apply_filters( 'wp_mail_from', $from_email ); line in the pluggable.php file (yes the one that was taken out to fix the problem in 2.3.2) then it worked again.

    As a side note the wp-db-backup plugin also stopped emailing backups, but adding the above line at line 715 got it working again.

    Hope this helps someone else, but probably only if the problem occurred when upgrading from 2.3.2 to 2.3.3

  5. jalancast
    Posted 8 years ago #

    I dinked around with this for a few hours:

    Forwarding myself an email from a email account at the host did not work.

    The WP-Mail-SMTP plugin, while helping with WP-Backup emails, didn't work for comments.

    I wasn't interested in editing code, so I looked elsewhere and I found a blog posting that suggested I try the "Comments Notifier" plugin. I tested it on a WP 2.3 install and it works fine.


  6. snarkwifev2
    Posted 8 years ago #

    Ironic that I was the second poster on this issue originally, and I'm back again. I upgraded to 2.5 last week and...lo and behold...I quit receiving email notifications when new comments were posted. I'm receiving notifications when comments are held in moderation, but nothing when a comment is actually posted.

    I checked all of my settings, since a couple of them changed during the upgrade but...all should be well, and it isn't.

    Ah...the circle of blog life.

  7. mentalist3d
    Posted 8 years ago #

    I've just installed WordPress for the first time, excellent tool, I can't believe I haven't used it before :) Anyhow, I've been having the same problem receiving e-mails including new user registrations (setting up test accounts for myself) and the solution which worked for me was to create an e-mail: wordpress@yourblogurl.org.uk

    As soon as I set up the e-mail address I'm recieving e-mails ok now :) Thanks to the original person for the tip :)

  8. mentalist3d
    Posted 8 years ago #

    PS - I also put in the wp-mail-smtp :) just as an additional set-up

  9. laowaichinese
    Posted 8 years ago #

    Here's something interesting. I've got 2.5.1 running on my main domain (http://laowaichinese.net) and on a subdomain (http://music.laowaichinese.net). The comments from the subdomain come straight through to my email inbox no problem. They are being sent from wordpress@(the name of the subdomain). But the comments from the main domain are not coming through.

    I assumed that those would be coming from wordpress@(the name of the main domain) and so I added that to my email contacts list, just to make sure they didn't get routed to spam or something. No dice. Still can't receive comments notifications from the main domain. But isn't that weird that the subdomain ones are fine?

    It makes me think the problem may be with my web host. Might they have different rules governing subdomains and the main domain? Maybe one of the plugins I'm using on my main site (which I don't have on my sub domain) is blocking it?

    Nope. Just tried deactivating all plugins. Still didn't come through. Why would I receive notifications on the subdomain, but not the main one?

  10. Nommo
    Posted 8 years ago #

    All - try this fix for an apparent bug in 2.5 and 2.5.1 which means post authors do not get comment notifications.

    It worked for me.

  11. wplate
    Posted 8 years ago #

    I'm using Googlemail for our domain's email and I wasn't getting any comment notifications. Today I changed my WordPress user's email address to another service and I received my first comment notification!

    The FROM in the email, though, is maybe why gmail rejects it...

    How do I configure the sent emails to have a real from address?

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