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  • I’ve seen some other posts on this but not about the current version of WordPress that I’m using (2.2.1).

    The title tells it all: I’m not receiving an email notification of a comment held for moderation nor a new comment posted to the site, although both of those boxes are checked in Options > Discussion.

    Interestingly, the email address (a forwarding account set up on my server) seems to be working fine because I have the WP-Contact Form plugin ( sending to the same address and I DO get those emails.

    Any thoughts?

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  • I am having the same issue – haven’t received comment notifications in about three weeks. One day they just…stopped.

    I upgraded to the latest version of WP last night, thinking that might be the culprit as I was several updates behind.

    Also thought my email account might be filtering, so I switched to a Gmail account…and still nothing.

    It’s curious there have been multiple questions posted about this issue, but no responses.

    Any help would be appreciated…please.

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    Well snarkwife…it’s just you and me for now I guess.

    Let me preface this with: I have no idea about php programming.

    Ok, so I noticed this problem started roughly the same time I upgraded to 2.2.1 (not to mention the problem I had with the database encodings…but that’s solved).

    Maybe another plugin that is not 2.2.1 friendly is interfering. Just for kicks, I’ll list all the plugins and versions I have running and you can tell me if you’re running any of the same.

    Admin Drop Down Menu 1.3
    Akismet 2.0.2
    Clock 1.0
    Dagon Design Sitemap Generator 3.07
    FireStats 1.2.4-stable
    Full Text Feed 1.03
    No Self Pings 0.1
    Permalink Redirect 0.6.1
    Subscribe To Comments 2.1.1
    WordPress Database Backup 2.0
    WP-ContactForm 2.0.6

    That’s my only theory for now, but I haven’t gone through and tried deactivating them yet because I was kind of hoping someone else would fix this for me…any takers?

    Alright…problem solved. Here’s what I had to do…let me know if it worked for you.

    Go to Users>> Administrator>> Edit

    Turns out, the email address I had in there was not what I had under Options>> General. The email address in Users…I guarantee, is probably blocking my comment notifications (RoadRunner).

    I’ve added a Gmail account and had a reader post a comment…voila…I am now receiving comment notifications again.

    Good luck!

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    Nope. That didn’t work for me. I tried all combinations of having the email addresses be the same, different, and even leaving out the one in General > Options (you can’t leave out the one in Users).

    At least you’re finally allowed to receive comment notifications…sniff sniff…

    That definitely didn’t work for me either, sadly, changing the email addresses.

    Anyone have a clue?

    Installing Swift SMTP plugin – should fix the problem. For few people this problem got fixed in wordpress-2.2


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    Swift SMTP plugin didn’t work for me. In fact, it didn’t even work. I couldn’t even send myself the test email. I kept getting:

    Fatal error:
    Uncaught Error of type [swift_connection_exception] with message [The SMTP connection failed to start [tls://]: fsockopen returned Error Number 110 and Error String ‘Connection timed out’]
    @0 require_once() in /home/content/l/a/o/laowaichinese/html/wp-admin/options-general.php on line 2
    @1 do_action() in /home/content/l/a/o/laowaichinese/html/wp-admin/admin.php on line 49
    @2 call_user_func_array() in /home/content/l/a/o/laowaichinese/html/wp-includes/plugin.php on line 164
    @3 st_smtp_options_page() in on line
    @4 wp_mail() in /home/content/l/a/o/laowaichinese/html/wp-content/plugins/swift-smtp/shiftthis-smtp.php on line 92

    in /home/content/l/a/o/laowaichinese/html/wp-content/plugins/swift-smtp/Swift/lib/Swift/Errors.php on line 99

    I’m using WordPress 2.3 now by the way.

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    Oh, and one other thing that might be interesting:

    I pretended to forget my password at the wp-admin login screen and asked it to email me a new one. Here’s the response:

    The e-mail could not be sent.
    Possible reason: your host may have disabled the mail() function…

    But I contacted my host and the php mail() function is enabled. Indeed, I have the wp-contact form plugin and that works fine. Doesn’t that use the same php mail() function?

    So it looks like there’s a bigger problem than just comments notification emails.


    I have the same problem on my WP blog – and it was already upgraded to 2.3…

    Not sure how you guys are configured, but I had the same problem after moving to a new host. I use gmail-for-your-domain, which requires updating the MX records to gmail’s servers. My new host had done that, but had somehow set it up so that internal mail (originating from my domain) went to my internal mail structure, so ended up being accessible via Squirrel mail and cPanel, but never made it out to Gmail’s system. They’re fixing it now. Probably not your problem… but you never know.

    ok I change my hosting and have the same trouble, (wordpress 2.3) i´m not reciving email notification of new comments.

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    News for everyone,

    I have two blogs:

    Both are set with the exact same settings, and comments from both are sent to my same hosted email address (which then automatically forwards to my gmail).

    When a new comment is posted on both blogs, I get an email notification from the second (“english” subdomain) blog and not from the main one.

    What can that mean?

    Okay folks, I had the same problem when upgrading to 2.3. At first the emails were sporadic and sometimes hanging up refreshing a page once a comment was posted. I know that WP changed something (not sure what yet) that got around hosts that validate the email address of a sending site.

    Any way, by monitoring my WP install processes via my host’s CPanel (BlueHost), I found that the email address that for comment notification was no longer my email address that I had listed in my WP Profile (Gmail address) but rather ‘’. In order to solve this problem I used my host’s CPanel to create a new email address like the one above, changed my WP Profile’s address to the same as well and then back at the CPanel I set up a forwarder to forward all ‘’ to my Gmail address I had originally used for email notification. Problem solved.

    Sorry for lack of why’s and wherefor’s as I’m still trying to verify what was changed and sometimes info is hard to find around here. But I hope this solves your problems as it did mine.

    I’ve had the same problem ever since updated to the new version. Anyone figure out a fix for this yet?

    I’ve tried changing my email from my host email ( to a yahoo email. That didnt help either. Other authors on my site are also not receiving notifications upon comment.

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