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  • Hi, I’m using the latest version of WordPress on several of my self hosted domains, this question is not domain specific. I’m trying to change my Admin email in the WordPress general settings, and it’s not sending me any confirmation emails so I am unable to change my email address for the admin settings. This in turn is impacting different plugins that generate email notifications, because they all come “from” the email address I have set now, and I don’t want that to keep happening, I have a different email address I want to use for that. Of course, I’ve checked my SPAM and nothing in there, I’ve in fact checked all my folders to make sure, and nothing is there. My email addresses all function perfectly, I get emails all day long from others, so I’m fairly certain this is a glitch with WordPress and not somewhere else. I saw another post on this topic but that user had an MX issue, that’s not applicable here. There’s no place in settings to re-send a confirmation email. I’ve tried changing the email address again, to no avail. I do not wish to change my User profile email. On that note however, it sure would be helpful in User profiles to be able to add additional email addresses. Any ideas how to fix this? Thanks.

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    Hi, updating with some more tags as it looks like nobody’s seen this yet…

    Evan I am having the same issue. I have successfully changed my “user” email address and generated a few other site emails, so I know my site/host can send mail.


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    Thank you @lazykins I appreciate your reply. I agree it seems to be a glitch, and I’m sure it’s something a lot of people have encountered so it’s odd nobody here seems to be able to speak to this issue.

    Wondering if maybe there’s a workaround…
    1. changing my user email address for my main profile to the one I want to use for admin emails, then

    2. changing the admin email and seeing if that generates an email to my user account, and then

    3. if that works, changing my user email back to the original email and leaving the admin email with the 2nd email address.

    However, not even sure if step #2 would generate the email even if it matches the user email address :/



    Hello @evankopelson,
    Even I am having the same issue.
    When I try to change the user email address form Users > your profile > email.
    It says “There is a pending change of your email to ‘the email address’. ”
    But I am not receiving the confirmation email on the email id I entered.
    Any ideas how to fix this?
    -Thank you



    Note that this was happening on several of the websites I managed—on different hosts—as I handed them over to the new management team.

    After trying a number of different things, I ended up just canceling the pending change(s) and editing the email addresses in the database with phpadmin.

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    Hi @veerajjadhav, thanks for sharing your experience here. I still have not been able to fix this. Nothing I’ve tried has worked. It looks like @lazykins has come up with the only workable solution which is editing the email address in the database with phpadmin. I don’t like editing anything in the database, personally, because too many things can go wrong, but I’m glad @lazykins you’ve been able to at least solve the problem on your sites. I don’t know how with so many wordpress sites in the world this can be an issue, frankly it has me baffled how we can be the only 3 people in the wordpress universe who have encountered this problem.



    I’m also seeing this on multiple websites, to add a ‘+1’.



    I too have this same issue on multiple sites. After doing some reading I found someone who suggested installing and configuring an SMTP plugin to circumvent the php mail function that WordPess uses. I’ll report back if this works.



    I tried to use a couple of SMTP plugins however the web hosting provider may have some specific SMTP settings. So, I was unable to complete this test. Maybe others will have better luck with the SMTP settings. I do however believe this is a viable solution.



    I’m also having this issue.

    I’m struggling with the very same issue.

    The administrator email was automatically set by my hosting company during the WP install. It says ‘There is a pending change of your email to … [tried multiple addresses], but I never receive a confirmation email. I have looked in spam and tried installing an SMTP mail plugin as suggested in other posts. Nothing works.

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    I’m having the same problem.

    Same issue here. How come no one from WordPress is addressing this?

    Add another to the list of sufferers. Got same problem on one specific website, it says “pending change of admin email…” but does not actually send a verification email out.

    I have been able to change on other websites that I administer… so may explain why not all WP users seeing the issue…

    Fingers crossed someone at WP looks into it…

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