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  • In the past, I experimented with the atcontent and repost. Repost won hands down. The content was better and very significantly, easily searchable.

    Since repost went offline, I came back to try atcontent again. I am very frustrated with it:
    1. There is no way to do a keyword search for content. There may be great stuff on the site, but unless I find the blog or author, I would never know.
    2. Within the plugin, I have selected a number of authors who might have relevant content for me. The menu tab will have a number badge showing fresh content has been added, but when I visit the page, often little to nothing has changed. Are the promoted articles? Don’t know. But they are keeping me from finding and evaluating the fresh content. Further, when I visit the website, the content shown is different.
    3. I cannot repost from their website. Should be able to. Signed in, have plugin, all that. But, just not an option for me since my blog doesn’t show up in their box.
    4. Did I say I can’t do a keyword search for content? Yeah. I know. I did. But this is the feedback I sent more than a year ago when I first looked at atcontent and it is a really confusing and frustrating choice not to have it.

    Summary: I’m leaving it active on my site for now since something MAY appear that I can use, but as soon as I have grown my own content curation methods enough, I will never look back.

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  • Hey BTCWarrior, we are always happy to help with the support. Feel free to ask any questions.

    AtContent is different from Repost. We are building the community, where you share content based on your connections with other authors. We are growing, and mostly concentrated on fashion bloggers. Thus, you might not find a content you need. We are going to get more cool content for sure 🙂

    Search – it will be in place, everything step by step, no rush.

    Feed – just follow more bloggers. Thus, you will see more content in your feed.

    You can repost from any website where you see our button, just click “Repost” and use an embed code if you can’t use “One Click Repost”.

    Again, feel free to ask any questions via support and we’ll do our best to help you. Maybe then you’ll put some higher mark, closer to 5 starts, as many other cool bloggers 😉

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