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    Oh man, this just looks awful, I’m sorry to say. If it was responsive it would be good, but when you resize the window, the content in the popup squishes and the placement is off so you can’t see it anymore. Doesn’t stay centered, doesn’t resize appropriately.

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    Dear @malawimama,

    1. Before writing such a bad review,it would be better if you contacted us and we’d do our best to help you with the issue you have got. And after that, if anyway we wouldn’t help you, there would be no problem if expressed your anger, or disappointment with such kind of review.
    2. Please, contact us via our email address, provide us with your site url, so we can check it, as there may be js errors causing the problem. support@popup-builder.com
    3. Also, I’d like to know, whether you are using the latest version of our plugin?
    4. Concerning the dimensions, you can set them via % to make it look more beautiful, or to make fully responsive, you can use scaling option.
    5. After you make the popup as mentioned, you can check it with different screens and it will look great in anyway. You can even see the reviews on that.
    I’m really sorry you’re so depressed, but our supportive team will do their best to help you with this issue. And we hope you’ll change your mind in the and and change the review to a better one. 😉

    Best regards,
    Sygnoos Team.

    You can set the max widh in plugin settings …the problem is not the plugin…i think the problem is your Knowledge

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