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  • It looks great, it works great, until you realize it has a completely separate user system separated from the WordPress user system.

    We have a community using Buddyboss, to make the users see and manage their bookings they need to have an ADDITIONAL login, login two times on the same website HOW UNPROFESSIONAL. Do not get fooled by their “Buddyboss integration”, it is none existent.

    They should have made it as an external system and not sell it as an integrated WordPress plugin, which it is NOT.

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  • Plugin Author ameliabooking


    Hello there!

    Thank you for your review.

    The BuddyBoss integration (and WordPress Users integration), however, doesn’t work like that – you don’t need to have two additional logins. The only thing currently missing from the BuddyBoss integration is the automatic creation of Amelia Customer user roles, so we can agree with you on that. At the moment, users in WordPress need to be converted to Amelia Customer users by clicking the “Create Amelia Customers” button, but that will be fixed soon (our developers are working on an automated customer creation in one of our upcoming updates).

    The important thing to note about Amelia and WordPress users is that a WordPress user can be linked to a customer in Amelia only if they have the “Amelia Customer” user role. This is done automatically by the plugin if you enable the “Automatically create Amelia Customer user” in Settings/Roles/Customer, so once a new user books an appointment, the WordPress user with “Amelia Customer” user role will be created. If you enable WordPress login, the password they configure for WordPress will also be used for logging into Amelia’s Customer panel, so if a customer logs into WordPress, they will also be logged into the Customer Panel once they visit that page. Also, if they first visit the Customer Panel and log in there, they will automatically be logged into WordPress if their customer in Amelia is linked to a WordPress user.

    If an existing WordPress user books an appointment, the plugin will assign the “Amelia Customer” user to an existing WordPress user role, so they will end up with two (for example, “Subscriber” and “Amelia Customer”).

    This is mostly automated, but again – the automatic creation of a Customer in Amelia from an existing BuddyBoss user is not yet available, but that will also be fixed soon.

    Please let us know if there’s anything else we can do to help!

    Kind regards!

    Thread Starter mrmaxdomains


    It is NOT true. Giving the Amelia customer user role in itself does NOTHING, like in ZERO, nada, No sir, nana. try it… if it works, upload a video to your youtube channel.

    In theory, in the buddyboss Amelia integration clicking the “Create Customers from WP Users with Amelia Customer Role” should match the WordPress user and the Amelia Customer role, right? I have tried that several times, and nothing happens.(But again it is a manual process, so it would not help anything).

    So, the only way to get the “login” to work as you mention is to MANUALLY match the WordPress user to the Amelia customer inside the Amelia customer section. And who have time for that?????

    I hope your developers make it work as you mention.
    I really do not understand why you don’t make two plugins, one for the hairdressers who do not need WordPress users, and one plugin based on the WordPress users.

    PS: we were some of the early buyers of Amelia when you launched it on theme forest many years ago, but we did not really use it back then. When we saw you added Buddyboss integration, we got eager and purchased it once again from your website…. We always liked the look, and now we really like all the functionality and integration. But it is such a bummer that it still doesn’t work with the WordPress user system, it makes it useless for community/course sites etc.

    Plugin Author ameliabooking


    Hi again @mrmaxdomains

    Sorry for the late response, but we just wanted to let you know that, with our last update (6.1 – release on January 24th), we’ve modified the BuddyBoss integration so the Amelia customer is now automatically created after the account is activated.

    Please check it out and let us know if there’s something still lacking in the integration.

    We’re always open to suggestions, as we only strive to make Amelia better as the time goes. We can’t thank you enough for following Amelia from the start, and your opinion really matters to us, so if you have any feedback regarding this, please let us know.

    Since you purchased the plugin, this forum may not be the best place to comment on the premium (commercial) version of the plugin as per WordPress’ Forums’ Guidelines. If you have any feedback, please feel free to open a ticket on our official support platform and our agents will gladly assist you there, or forward the feedback to our management and the development teams.


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