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  • I was expecting to have all my products in alfabetic order so I picked that option, but products starting with “Å” end “Ä” ends up among those who starts with “A”. What a joke! Do the manufacturer of this plugin really thinks that “Å” and “Ä” should be mixed up with “A”.

    In Sweden “Å” end “Ä” is among the last letters in the alphabet. So I don’t want any “Å” end “Ä” along with “A”. These are totally different letters/characters.

    This is how it should be: A…Z, Å, Ä, Ö.

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    Hey @nd00jan, thanks for the feedback here! I’m afraid that the cause of this issue lies in the way your site’s database is set up, rather than our plugin, so it’s not something that the plugin can adjust or solve.

    When a WordPress site is created, a database (where the product and other information for your site is stored) is set up before this happens to store all of the data your site needs to function. The database is created with general information, like what character set (type of letters) is used, what language those characters are in, what type of information is stored in each table in the database, etc. The standard character collation (what “language” or type of characters are used) is: utf8_general_ci

    This is what recognizes how items should be ordered, and therefore is what causes that alphabetical sorting to appear as you’ve seen here.

    As such, I’m afraid that whoever controls your database set up — your hosting company — will need to resolve this issue for you to change the character set used to Swedish instead of you want to recognize sorting as Swedish, rather than unicode, alphabet. As this problem lies outside WordPress itself, our plugin won’t be able adjust this for you.

    I’d recommend sending your hosting company this article, which explains the issue in more detail, and this document, which shows how to adjust those values.

    Could you give that a go to resolve the issue for your site?

    Cheers, Beka

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