• evanrj


    1. There is no way to remove a field from a form. (According to their support person) So, once you add a field, the only way to remove it is to start over.
    2. There is no hidden field support – like every other major form plugin. Upon asking support, was told that this would require modifying the wordpress code(?) and to talk to wordpress. (according to their support)

    Good concept – a form plugin that directly integrates to the CRM. It fails in the fact that it was developed by people who do not know how to write plugins and a support team that doesn’t understand them. At best this could be considered a beta version, but given the lack of ability to remove fields and the clunky interface, it is probably closer to alpha. What is worse is that if you ask for support, there is a 50% chance that you are told that Zoho is not the producer of the plugin and you have to get to someone who knows better.

    Avoid. Run away. Do not use.

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