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  • Too much “Gee Whizzâ€?, too little “Easy Does Itâ€?.

    My main gripe is that I am unable to use it with Opera.

    Second, I really, really, really dislike how the editor scrunches the windows when inserting links or images, so everything has to be remaxed after the show. Very disconcerting! Interrupts the writing. If you are going to insist that we use it, how about an Option that resets to the old way of editing, eh

    Another thing in the Not Ready for Prime Time Department, is upgrade.php in my copy of RC3 had at the end of the script body and html ending code that caused my upgrade to seem to fail, i.e., an MySQL INSERT statement failed to run properly.

    On the plus side, upgrade otherwise was as smooth as ever, i.e., a re-established weblog in short order.

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    There is the option in your profile to use the non rich text editing.

    I’ve had no problem with RC3’s upgrade.php script.

    I’m on the tester’s list and there’s been nothing so far that I can see about problems with Opera.

    Understood, Dilboy, our product is great if we deny the user’s experience.

    Hi jcwinnie. I understand your frustration and probable disappointment. However, please try to retain a certain level of politeness while posting. Remember that we are all volunteers here, and not many of us are members of the dev team. That means that mostly what we post are our experiences with the different versions. It’s perfectly acceptable for mattman to post that he’s not had a problem with opera or the upgrade.php script, and he shouldn’t expect that you would make a snide remark about it.

    Thanks for understanding – we’d like to keep the fora a nice place for everyone.


    I have not experienced this problem with RC-3. Just in case, you might want to download another nightly tonight and make sure that body/html tag was not removed. If it is still there, perhaps submitting a bug to prior to launch would be good. I’ll check on tonight’s build as well, if I can remember.

    Politeness cuts both ways. When it is supposed to work only one way, then it’s abuse.

    My perception, vkaryl, was that mattman was denying my experience. And, I perceived your comment as abusive, although I doubt seriously that you would be capable of seeing it as such.

    FYI: Changing the setting to the normal editor, by clearing the checkbox, worked. It also allowed me to use WP with Opera. Thanks for the suggestion. I am sorry that I had to inquire.

    abrazell, you misunderstood me.

    When I removed those two statements, which came at the end of upgrade.php after the closing php statement, upgrade.php then ran fine.

    No… I understood you just fine. I’m trying to determine if this is an issue with you or if this is going to be an issue ongoging. If those statements are in the files, then it’s not just your problem.

    You’re right, jcwinnie. I don’t see my comment as abusive, I see it as being a moderator asking someone to NOT make potentially inflammatory comments. Each person is entitled to hisser own perceptions of course. In my perception, there was nothing inherently impolite about the previous poster’s comment to you, especially since heesh provided assistance with your request to disable the wysiwyg editor. I apologize if you felt abused by my request that you maintain a certain level of politeness.

    I certainly hope you have got the bugs worked out of your install. It does help to remember however, that the install with which you are having difficulties is still beta software…. so if you are able to provide Aaron with the information he requested it would help immensely.

    Nope, spoke too soon in regard to Opera. I can enter text, however selecting text, say for Cut & Paste, fails. So crippled, rather than non-functional.

    Aaron said he understood me; he just failed to believe me. If he wants to help, then I would recommend trying to help others, e.g., who recently have encountered the same difficulties and provided the files as requested.

    Are there such things as Beta Moderators?

    Mark (podz)


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    There are indeed mods.
    What would you have us do and precisely why ?

    Avoid blowing the world up trying to get those missles out of Cuba.




    This thread isn’t going to go anywhere. Locking. Start a new thread for new bug reports; or check to see if your bug has already been reported.

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