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  • I was excited to find this new slider as it responsive and has some nice features that others do not. However I am not going to use it on my current project for the following reasons…

    Things I found that need improving:

    1. The H2 H3 font size setting does not override defaults.
    2. No way to set size of slider so my images are being distorted.
    3. Needs better directions on what numbers to use for speed, easing and factor. Do you want whole seconds? milliseconds? etc.

    I’m looking forward to the next update.

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  • Plugin Author mehral



    At First thanks for your feedbacks.
    h2 h3 tag about custom styling , you should use !important keyword in your stylesheet.
    And about setting the size of slideshow, well ( currently ) this is on user own hands, And the user should know , what size of slideshow will be put in its theme. for instance you have a position with width of 960px and the maximum size of images you can use must be 960px. and for thumbnail for instance you have 6 images so the maximum thumnail width must be 960/6 = 160 px .

    And about the last tips, I am working on it, in version 1.3.
    I think in the new version (1.3) the WP EIS plugin will use new features;)

    And again thank you for your evaluation about this plugin.

    Hello mehral,

    Thank you for thinking about my thoughts 😀 Just a couple more…

    When I create my child theme I add my “override” style.css BELOW the WP head information just above the </head> so I can override any style sheets plugins add to the head. Your css must be added to your plugin after the head loads. Yes, “!important” will work as you suggested. If that is what is necessary to theme your plugin then you may want to mention that in the instructions as not everyone knows css like we do 😀 Or maybe add a custom css field to the plugin admin? Just a thought.

    I’ll keep an eye out for your updates and I really like the direction you are taking this!

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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