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    Lack of Pre-Sales and Customer Support

    Before I made a purchase, they scheduled a meeting at 4:30AM EST. I accepted the meeting because I was really curious to know whether or not this plugin would suit my needs.

    What: *ERP Demo Training*
    Who: *weDevs Support*
    When: *Friday, Jul 26th, 4:30am*–*5:00 EDT*
    Location: *See Zoom link in the invite*

    I woke up at 4AM and connected to the link they gave me. After waiting until 4:45AM, I sent them a message. I never, until this day, received a response.

    This should have probably tipped me off that this company would not really serve my needs, however I was hopeful and when I noticed a promotion I decided to try it thinking that if the software does not work I will just get a refund. Since trying the software, I have discovered that it does not meet the needs of an “enterprise” which I will describe in detail below. They are refusing to give me a refund because I purchased during a promotion, which is outside of their policy.

    I hope you already know the refund policy and agreed while purchasing
    the extensions. I’d request you to have a look at our refund policy
    again and request further if your refund request is valid based on any
    of the mentioned points in the refund policy.

    Payroll Lacks Fundamental Features:

    There is no way to upload (or manually input) tax tables.

    Taxes are complex. Therefore, the user needs to (at least) be able to specify some conditionals in the interface in order to reflect the latest tax code.

    In the US, there are fixed tax table methods for determining a person’s tax rate, and there are percentage methods. Their plugin only allows for fixed. The user will need to calculate the fixed amount on their own every time. If the company only has one employee, maybe that is okay. But when the company has more than one, and they work different hours, that becomes very complex.

    It would be nice to have a method for inputting the current year’s tax tables as well as to specify some conditionals (because there are many conditionals in tax law).

    The attendance does not pipe to the payroll.

    Compounding to the aforementioned problem, attendance is not piped to payroll. Therefore, an HR person would need to review attendance for every day, calculate their time and input that into payroll (as a fixed number).

    A spreadsheet is more effective than this plugin!

    “Premium” Plugins are not compatible as a subsite on multi-site

    I installed the plugin as a subsite on a multi-site system. The main code works, but many of these “premium” plugins do not work.

    …the list goes on. I will continue later.

    Bottom line, this plugin is not ready for prime-time, and the support is not there to make up for the fact that the plugins are sub-par.

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  • Plugin Support Mehedi Hasan


    Hello @devinu

    I’m really sorry to hear you had a bad experience with us! Let me reply to all of your frustrations.

    We did not miss the scheduled meeting actually, we were there in time on our local time but have not found any participant. We were using mixmax to book the schedule, moved to another calendar later because mixmax was not converting time properly. Like, EDT time and BDT time is not the same. Unfortunately, we faced some problem converting the accurate time for both us and users.

    For the other features you mentioned, those are not a problem. The features you asked we do not offer at this moment. We can understand all of the extensions might not fit with all of the users with their purposes, and this is why we do provide a full refund(for the paid extensions) to the user who doesn’t like to stay with us.

    We have refunded your order as well as you found(over the ticket) it’s not helping you. I hope you already got your refund deposited back to your card/bank.

    As you got your money back, I hope you’ll consider this rating as this was based on your experience you had with the paid extensions, not with the core WPERP, which is free 🙂


    Update: To anyone reading this, the company successfully refunded the payment.

    Plugin Support Mehedi Hasan


    Hello @devinu

    You got the refund as expected. Now, we are hoping you’ll reconsider the rating 🙂


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