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  • Automatic is a developer of a website ecommerce solution that is used by over 4 MILLION websites, including mine. It works great, although customizing the pages is a PIA. So far with my simple w.c. store, used mostly for subscriptions to my services, it has worked as expected, and clients have not had any negative comments. So far so good.

    Now for the new Admin plugin. Installs easy, looks like it pulls in lots of great data, and I was looking forward to using it in the future as sales increase.

    It doesn’t work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    It didn’t pull in any of the previous data, freezes the scroll of the page when on the customers tab, and even with the updates, doesn’t seem to work.

    I guess it would be best to let Automatic fix up the software before releasing it to functioning websites and stores. The first update since install was so long on the fixes and improvements that it looked like a full install.

    Automatic, fix your sh** before releasing it to us. We have funcional websites, customers, and an income to maintain with your good product, Woo Commerce. We are not your guinea pigs or testers. Fix your f**kup and lets get back to business.

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