• Gutenberg Plugin may be evolutionary or revolutionary. But right now it doesn’t work on my site. Nothing, nada. The post/page comes up with nothing when asked to add a new post. I removed it.

    It might be very good on a brand new site, but 30% of the www runs websites. Do you think everyone is going to nuke their site for a so-called update? I don’t think so.

    I sincerely hope it’s not slated for 5.0.0… it’s not ready. Darn! They pushed it out. Pity.

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  • When you added the plugin, did you see a Gutenberg item added to the admin menu, down the bottom left?

    It’s just an example plugin at the moment that shows you what it can do.

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    Yes, thanks, I did. It makes no difference. It won’t load either. I think the reason is that there is a conflicting plugin, probably SiteOrigin. However, since I use that for one or two important pages, I’m not going to remove it for the sake of a beta plugin.

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    Ok. I can honestly say … this is one of the worst betas I’ve ever used. It’s woefully incomplete: previews of posts don’t work, categories don’t work, tags don’t work, featured images don’t work, … that’s 10 minutes of testing on my rig. I stopped, because I didn’t see the point of trying to make something work that doesn’t.

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    However, since I use that for one or two important pages, I’m not going to remove it for the sake of a beta plugin.

    I think that’s the important part, I wouldn’t remove any of my plugins that I use on an active site either just for a beta, regardless of how far along the beta was. I would wait until it’s no longer a beta. Although it exists for testing and messing around with, which is cool.

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    Thanks for taking the time to try out Gutenberg, and I’m sorry to see you didn’t have the best of times doing so.

    Could I ask you what plugins and theme you are using, I’d like to look into any possible incompatibilities here, as the things you mention not working should all be working, although some features may have minor bugs, they should have a basic working at least.

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    Ok. Thanks for the feedback.

    I’m now testing it on as plain vanilla an install as I can find. It seems fine. This install shares the same theme as the others, but it is working. I can confirm that previews are working nicely as are other features.

    However, Site #2 doesn’t really work as I explained. I’ve checked the plugins: it’s WordPress SuperSonic with CloudFlare which is blocking GB from working. That plugin provides lots of advantages for my site, so it’s unlikely I’d trade it away for GB. Categories, and Tags etc are still broken, even with no other plugins activated. No idea why.

    Site #3 is the worst of all. It uses many of the same plugins as #2 plus some others. So nothing works. Siteorigin is the most important like I said.

    Best Wishes

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