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  • Been using this for the last few days for my Checkout page and do like it, but it’s not ready for live use yet.

    Just tried to process some free orders (using 100% discount code) and WooCommerce does not even register they exist, which makes me worry if there’s any others that are slipping through the net.

    No Order Notes too from what I can see.

    Changed back for now.

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  • Hi Zak,

    Thanks for testing the new Cart and Checkout blocks. As noted in the release notes for the blocks, the blocks are released as a preview for folks to try out and then give feedback on what is working not working so we can continue to improve them based on that feedback before considering merging to WooCommerce core.

    You mentioned you encountered some issues with processing free orders (using 100% discount code). I just tried the following steps to attempt to reproduce and I didn’t have any issues:

    1. Created a 100% discount code that includes shipping in the discount (which also means I must have a free shipping code appropriately setup for the shipping zone I’m testing with).
    2. Added some products to the cart.
    3. Visited the page with the new checkout block.
    4. Applied the 100% discount code to the checkout.
    5. Clicked the “Place order” button and the order completed processing.

    Would you be willing to share any more details about the steps you took that triggered your issue? I’m interested in trying to find out if we can reproduce it so no other users encounter the issue.

    Also, one thing I do in testing the new blocks when I encounter an issue, is retry using the existing shortcode based checkout page to see if the issue happens there too. If it does, then it’s not something specific to the new blocks, but rather a potential issue with WooCommerce core itself (so that helps narrow down where to report and also for me to see if I may have a configuration issue etc).

    No Order Notes too from what I can see.

    Correct, the current iteration of the blocks does not have order notes support. However, that is definitely something we will be adding in a future iteration.

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