• As the title states, this plugin is not ready for use. The front-end user experience is confusing. The back-end workflow is a nightmare with particularities that the most detailed instructions will not aid. Reporting is abysmal with data clumped within code and missing items. I spend more time looking for transactions than selling tickets.

    I have used it for two events and the plugin sold the same tickets multiple times in both. The developers have no clue as to how the world of ticket sales operate. Their lack of business knowledge is equaled by their lack of how to make a site work when offering tickets. Simple caching advice would have helped, but not entirely. Unfortunately, this was beyond their capabilities. Their support is a pass-the-buck model and their ads for paid assistance literally cover pertinent information leading one to believe they have no clue when it comes to any user experience.

    They are asking users to pay for assistance (customizations) but in reality they are asking their customers to pay for their on the job training. The response from Metagaus, the developer, is so bad that I have had to engage third party developers to fix the nightmare this experience has been.

    Do yourself a favor and look elsewhere. You can fix a technology and you can fix a user experience, but you cannot fix the company providing this plugin. You will have an operational nightmare.

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  • I had the same nightmare and I’m still dealing with it. I have the full Metagauss bundle and I’ve had to pay developers to deal with amateur issues. Unbelievably bad code.

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