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  • The theme looks very nice on the demo. Rather non-traditional approach to featured images on posts and the whole blog timeline. I really liked the look and feel.

    However, upon installation I quickly discovered a number of things, which, while not disastrous each on its own, when put together made me delete the theme.

    First of all. It didn’t even load on the pre-installed browser on my Samsung phone. It just kept reloading, reloading, reloading… If I have to count on my visitors having some particular browser on their phone to view my website, then it’s a no go. It should work with everything, not just with iPhone.

    Next. Its responsiveness is weird. I mean, really weird. For example, the site title doesn’t scale. Instead of scaling it just cuts everything longer than first 3-4 letters, and replaces the rest with ellipsis. I mean… are you kidding me?

    Unlike the site title, the post/page title scales. Which results in it being 2-3 times smaller than your main text body on the mobile view.

    The title and the menu “hamburger” are fixed in their places. When in mobile view, they do not move upwards when scrolling, and overlay your text instead. The featured image is not displayed on the mobile view at all. So if you count on it being your post illustration (which the theme format looks perfect for), then you’re out of luck. No pictures for you on mobile view.

    You cannot choose not to have menus displayed at all. Even if you haven’t chosen anything, the theme will list whatever pages you have – and it will do it in both menu areas it has. Opening customization page and saving doesn’t help. Again, if you wish to display your own menu in one area and leave the other blank – you’re out of luck. Not to mention that the bottom menu design is quite questionable as it is.

    And the theme is undocumented, despite what it says on the developers website. Also, parts of theme description are simply copied from other theme called “Zap”, without even removing that theme’s name from the text. 🙂

    All in all, each of the issues do not seem insurmountable. Had it worked on the built-in phone browser, I would’ve probably dived into the code/css and tried to fix them. However, the way it is now, it looks like a sloppy work, not a premium quality theme it claims to be. And if the developers didn’t care enough to think everything through and test before releasing, then why should I care.

    Yet, I really liked the idea behind this theme. I’ll be glad to give it another try if the issues are fixed (mobile view & menu areas).

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