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  • Let me start by saying that this is a pretty good plugin if you want to use exactly one slider on your site and have it do some basic slider-ish things.

    Since the embed code has you specify [slider id=”1″], you might assume that you can create multiple sliders to at least put on different pages.

    Well, there’s no clear way to create a second slider, and it also appears that if you were able to do so, all of the characteristics of all of the sliders must be the same. So you couldn’t have one slider moving slow and one not moving at all.

    There’s details on how you can customize the CSS, but doing so has no effect. I used tools to examine the DIV settings and the parameters to modify, and doing so produced no change.

    It should not be so difficult for accomplished coders to figure this out; consequently, I have to assume that it doesn’t work entirely as advertised. And speaking of advertising, that’s what the lion’s share of the admin panel consists of.

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