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  • This plugin seems to be almost a duplicate of BuddyPress Album By The BP-Media Team. I haven’t looked at the Photos+tags plugin I but I do notice that BP-Media was involved in that one as well, so the BuddyPress Album and Photos+tags could be very similar.

    If BuddyPress Album is activated on the site, a fatal error will occur if you attempt to activate this plugin. The same coding is involved and therefore an attempt to declare the same function happens and kills the activation of this plugin. At least, rename the function(s) to avoid fatal errors. An idea might be to put a check to see if BuddyPress Album or Photos+Tags is active and let people know there is a potential for fatal errors. I personally would include the function_exists() option to avoid those nasty fatal errors if you are going to keep the same function code.

    Then, the options for images do not work. Attempting to edit or delete images or galleries does nothing. I haven’t found out how to tag anything yet.

    Also, when viewing images from a gallery, it would be nice to allow for clicking to close image and provide navigation to move to the next image, rather than having to hit the back button in the browser.

    Basically, there is a lot that needs to be done before this plugin is ready for an active site.

    I do hope you will continue with the project and make this plugin fully functional. However, the suggestion that people send you money to encourage you to continue with the project is a little premature, from my perspective. You have copied almost exactly the bp-album plugin and haven’t provided the functionality your description suggests yet.

    Great start though.. keep going with it.

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  • Plugin Author caevan


    Can you tell me which version you were running the image functions should be working in the latest version.
    On the compatibility issue I will take on board what you have said.
    Thank you

    At the time, I tested the plugin it was the current version of 1.1 with WP 3.4.2.

    I will update the plugin on my test site and see what I find now. Thanks for your response and hope things do go well.

    Plugin Author caevan


    Your feedback will greatly be appreciated.

    Current version, BP Gallery Plus 1.1.5 and WP 3.4.2

    BuddyPress Album activated still fatal error.

    Fatal error: Cannot redeclare bpa_init() (previously declared in /home/xxxxxxx/public_html/wp-content/plugins/bp-album/loader.php:27) in /home/xxxxxxx/public_html/wp-content/plugins/bp-gallery/loader.php on line 32

    BuddyPress Album deactivated, BP Gallery Plus activates fine.

    First – On the settings page the first option should be renamed from “Name of BP Photos+tags slug” to “Name of BP Galleries Plus slug” or something consistent with the current plugin and not the predecessor.

    Now we go to the functionality.

    Editing photo works as far as title and description. Tagging does not work at all. Clicking on “Tag this photo”, nothing happens. Try to do anything with the photo beyond editing the title and description nothing happens.

    When going to the “View Image” function, clicking on the arrow does advance to the next image. However, once the page refreshes to show the next image, the page jumps to the top (above the image) I have to scroll back down to the image each time I click on an arrow to see the next image.

    Here is where the problem of having to go to the “Back” browser button happens. When I go to “My Photos”, I get the page with all the thumbnails for images in the album. However, when I click on one of the thumbnails, the Ajaxed image pops up with a solid dark background. That’s no problem, but when I am done looking at the image, there is no way (in firefox) to navigate to the next or previous image and no way to close the image. In order to return to the thumbnails, I have to click on the “back” button to clear the image and see the thumbnails again. This is a major pain in the functionality. Members will not like having to do that every time they want to look at an image.

    Settings on the album are set to logged in members only.

    The only way to get to the “Edit Image”, “Delete Image” and “Feature Image” or rather “Image Functions” is to click on “My Galleries” then click on the gallery I want to look at the images in, and then the page that shows up shows the thumbnails with the “Image Functions” drop downs below each image. That is to indirect for most users to figure out. And once they figure it out, they may have to use trial and error to figure it out again. Can you make an option to have the “Image Functions” available via a link or possibly on the “My Photos” page instead of having to go all the way through the process of going to the galleries page and then clicking on the gallery to get to the page that has the drop downs?

    So, far that is what I have found.
    The settings I used for this test are as follows:

    Force members to enter a description for each image – NO
    Allow site members to post comments on album images – YES
    Disable public access to member galleries – NO
    Post image thumbnails to members activity stream – YES

    Keep original image files – NO
    Use image URL re-mapping – NO

    I have only tested this in firefox and have not looked at it with firebug. I don’t really have time to do that right now.

    Plugin Author caevan


    Thank you,
    I have some work to do.
    The big one is renaming all the functions without completely breaking the plugin.

    Oh yes… the joys of life.. lol

    Actually, I have been looking at the code today.
    I’m working on renaming to see if I can do it without breaking everything. I will let you know how I do.

    Plugin Author caevan


    Thanks keep me posted as I started making a few code changes with regards to the issues you pointed out. Any new function I am naming bpg_album_…

    I have sent you a message via contact us on your website.

    Plugin Author caevan


    OK the latest version now has renamed functions and and database tables. I have addressed some of the issues outlined above.

    Great news.

    I look forward to getting hold of it and having a look around.

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